How To Dress Your Baby Like Hillary Clinton For Halloween & Show Your Kid Is "With Her"

Political Halloween costumes have always had their niche, but with the presidential election in full swing, costumes related to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will likely be more popular than ever. So popular, in fact, that people are creating Clinton and Trump Halloween costumes for their babies.

I'm not sure if I should be finding this cute or creepy, but either way it's definitely a departure from the traditional baby Halloween costume of a small animal or cartoon character. And it's definitely a very timely move; by next Halloween, one of these candidates will likely be out of the spotlight. (Though if Donald Trump loses, he'll likely somehow manage to stay in the news.)

If you're a hardcore Hillary Clinton supporter, there are plenty of ways to show all the Halloween ghosts and ghouls that you and your baby are with her. I'm of the mindset that babies are too young to have their own political agenda, but no one's stopping you from having a baby help you make a statement about your own views.

You might want to be careful about where you take your Clinton lookalike baby or toddler to trick-or-treat; the person handing out candy might take offense if Clinton isn't their preferred candidate. But then again, most people think babies are cute, so you might be able to get away with it. Here are a few essentials every Clinton costume needs:

1. A Cardigan

Baby Cardigan, $17, Old Navy

Cardigans are comfy, but they look more formal than the average baby apparel. Plus, they do double duty by making sure your baby stays warm during the festivities. Old Navy sells baby cardigans in several colors, so you're likely to find one that matches the rest of your baby's costume.

2. Pants or leggings

Gray Leggings, $5, Target

The trick is to find comfortable pants or leggings that match the color of your baby's cardigan. Target has plenty of cheap options in different colors, like these gray leggings so you're bound to find a pair that will work for your mini Clinton.

3. A Wig

Hillary Clinton Wig, $9, Amazon

If your baby doesn't already have Clinton's signature hairstyle, you're probably going to want to find them a wig to complete the look. Unfortunately it can be hard to find a baby-sized Clinton wig, but this one from Amazon runs small, and you can always alter it by cutting some of the hair off or pinning it back.

4. Jewelry

Beaded Necklace, $19, Amazon

What Clinton look would be complete without a statement necklace? Actual pearls may be a little difficult to equip your baby with, but this necklace from Amazon is actually made of teething beads, so it's safe for your baby to chew.

5. Collared Bodysuit or Shirt

Collard Body Suit, $13, Gap

This body suit from Gap has an adorable Peter Pan collar that goes great with the cardigan and necklace. It also comes in several colors, and will likely be useful even after your little one is done playing presidential candidate.

6. American Flag

American Flag Bandana, $5, Amazon

Most American flags are either too big or have parts that can be dangerous for babies to play with, but an inexpensive American flag bandana from Amazon will help your baby show their patriotism while keeping them safe.

7. Clinton Sticker

Help your baby show support for Clinton with a safe lapel sticker ($10) that comes in a 250 pack so you can continue to show your support for Clinton even after Halloween is over!

Images: Old Navy; Amazon (1, 2, 3); Target; Gap;