Did Blac Chyna Tweet Rob Kardashian's Real Number? She Isn't Too Happy With Him Right Now

Just when everyone thought the tweeting of Kardashian-Jenner family phone numbers was over and done with, Blac Chyna tweets Rob Kardashian's number. On Thursday, she posted a number alongside the caption, "Robert Kardashian Number." So, did Blac Chyna tweet Rob Kardashian's real number? According to E! News, the outlet confirmed that it was indeed the Rob & Chyna star's number, but it is now disconnected. Bustle has reached out to both Chyna and Kardashian's reps for confirmation if it was his real number and also for comment, but did not receive an immediate response. However, Chyna isn't remaining mum about her tweet and based on her Snapchat remarks, it sure seems like she's not to happy with Kardashian right now.

"To ensure that your man is not texting no b*tches, just tweet his number out," she said on Snapchat (via Just Jared) after her tweet. "How’s that feel, Rob?" she asked Kardashian, who was in the background of her snap. He answered, "Feels good." Chyna then said to him, "Get your number changed, thank you!"

In a different snap, she delivered a message to any women contacting Kardashian: "And to all these females wanna keep texting his phone 'cause they had his number before, talking about 'You good? You and Chyna good?' Naw, we good! We good. We straight, all right?" After this particular snap, Kardashian is heard laughing, so I guess he's not too upset with what Chyna did, right?

Also, this appears to be confirmation that Chyna and Kardashian are still together. On Tuesday, reports surfaced that the engaged couple who are expecting their first child together broke up before any of that drama with Kardashian tweeting Kylie Jenner's phone number went down. Seeing as Chyna said "we good" twice, that sure seems like they are still very much a couple despite whatever drama or arguments the two might be having at this moment in time.