When To Shop Benefits Roller Lash In Brown, Because The Brand New Color Is Worth The Buy

There are tons of different mascaras out there to choose from. Between lengthening, curling, and color it can be hard to find the right one. Until now, that is. Adding to the already beloved mascara, Benefit's Roller Lash is now available in brown. Think the same great eye look with more color options that ever. When can you shop the new shade? You don't have to wait at all!

Get those wallets ready people, because you're going to want in on this launch. Benefit completely surprised fans by launching their brown Roller Lash. If you're as excited as I am, then brace yourself, because it's about to get even better. You can buy the mascara right now! That's right. Head on over to the Benefit's site, and add as many to your cart as your little heart desires.

When it comes to mascara, my opinion is the more options, the merrier. Not everyone wants black mascara. That's a fact, people. Benefit's new brown Roller Lash completely changes the makeup game. There aren't many higher-end brands make their must-have formulas into new colors, so this is pretty darn awesome. Fingers crossed that it takes the makeup world by storm and more brands do the same.

The price of the products is still $24, just like the original. The only difference is the packaging. It'll be easy to tell the two shades apart in your makeup bag. One has a brown tube while the other is black. Both still have the same adorable pink handle though.

Benefit Roller Lash, $24, Sephora

The classic Roller Lash has one tons of awards, so I'm excited to see if the brown holds up to the same standard. According to the site, both colors are still a satin finish and water-resistant. It looks like not much has changed except the color.

Benefit Roller Lash, $24, Sephora

You don't have to worry about rushing to get the new product though. The new brown hue seems to be part of their permanent line. You can buy the brown Roller Lash at Sephora and Ulta as well. The shopping options are pretty much endless, people.

Images: BenefitCosmetics/Instagram (1), Benefit Cosmetics (2)