The Stars Predicted Luke & Lorelai's Romance

It was a game-changing horoscope that pushed Gilmore Girls' Luke and Lorelai together: "You will meet an annoying woman today. Give her coffee and she will go away." OK, it was a frantic Lorelai who penned the prediction versus an astrologist, but that sweetens the sentiment. And when a new Instagram Gilmore Girls teaser boasting the horoscope hit the internet, it gave most fans a hit in the feels... and me a casual concern if those star-crossed lovers were astronomically compatible. Luke, as the horoscope asserts, is a Scorpio, while Lorelai, born April 26, is a headstrong Taurus. As a Scorpio-lover born April 25, I can tell you that Luke and Lorelai's zodiac signs spell out their story arc pretty well.

It should come as no surprise that Scorpio and Taurus are opposites on the astrological scale, and you can see that friction in Luke and Lorelai's show-opening banter. After Lorelai begs and pleads for a cup of (presumably free) coffee, Luke asks how many she's already had today. "Five, but yours is better," she cops. "You have a problem," Luke says, before relenting and pouring her a cup.

Immediately, we get a sense of their dynamic, that Lorelai is vivacious, persistent, and holds a preference for Luke's wares (to say the least), and Luke, somber and laid back, has an eye on health and perhaps even a resistance to the greasy food he serves. Incidentally, the health aspect is something toned done as the series progresses, but a point is made in that initial, lightening-fast interaction: opposites attract, hard.

Of course, this isn't the first time Lorelai's pleaded for coffee, not by a long shot, and, when Luke recounts the tale of how they met, he notes about how aggravating she was in her quest to be caffeinated. "She asked me what my birthday was. I wouldn't tell her. She wouldn't stop talking. I gave in. I told her my birthday," He recounts, as present-day Lorelai resents the lack of brevity in this story. It's worth noting, though, that Luke is paying testament to Lorelai's stubbornness, a dominant trait in most Tauruses... and certainly something we've seen dominate Lorelai throughout the years.

If we want to continue to backpedal, it's Lorelai's stubbornness that brings her to Stars Hollow. Her resistance to the privileged path Emily laid out for her forced her to flee with Rory and fight for the life she wants. While sometimes this stubbornness, in practice, is a little aggravating to watch (does Lorelai really have to give her mother so much grief this late in the game), it's mostly admirable. Lorelai is, more than anything, a fighter: someone who fights for her career, her child's future, and her relationship. The irony is that her persistent stubbornness is probably what forced her closer to Luke, but also what deterred him: her now-or-never ultimatum to elope made Luke bail, hard.

Which doesn't mean that Luke has always made for an easy lover. Scorpios, with their exceptionally dark-as-night-nature, tend to be jealous, and we've seen that jealousy swell after Richard and Emily's vow renewals, when a drunk slash hysterical Christopher declares that "everyone" knows him and Lorelai belong together. Luke storms out, and that first (luckily temporary) break-up occurs. Then again, Luke has all the swoonworthy passion of a Scorpio, which we see in the same episode where he flips at Logan for pawing Rory and likewise goes off at Christopher for not being there for his daughter.

And, of course, that passion bleeds into other areas of a relationship. If there is any question about whether Lorelai and Luke have a good sex life, it's noted that the relationship between Taurus and Scorpio has "a connection of deepest emotions and sexuality that no other couple in the zodiac is privileged to have." Sure enough, Lorelai seemed pretty satisfied after falling into bed with Luke post-horoscope reveal, and the revival promises a lot of "fireworks" and darkness for the two. Hmmm....

Now, if you have heavy investment in Stars Hollow, but no faith in the stars themselves, you're probably in the middle of a hard eye roll right now. There are plenty of outside factors that impact the way Lorelai and Luke react to each other and their surroundings, plenty of characteristics that don't fall within the precise descriptions of their star sign. Lorelai, for example, has a Taurus-like love of routine (see plenty of candy with Willy Wonka and Donna Reed), but not an earthy love of gardening or (HA) cooking anything more complex than a pop tart. Likewise, if I was being egged on by girlfriend's first love, I'd probably want to GTFO of that situation, too. Astrology tends to paint people and situations in broad brush strokes rather than finite detail, so naturally not everything is going to be so precise.

But I think it's impossible to assert that Luke and Lorelai aren't meant to be together, whether it's a matter of astrological fate or not. I just find comfort in believing the stars have blessed those crazy kids' romance... and that the revival gives their relationship a positive reading.

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