This 'GG' Photo Is All About Luke & Lorelai

If you needed any further proof that Netflix is serious about the Gilmore Girls revival, their latest Instagram post will prove to you that they're all in. In what's quickly turning into be one of the greatest ad campaigns of all time (seriously, Don Draper would be proud), Netflix has taken the opportunity to remind us all just how great Luke and Lorelai are together. In particular, the streaming service wants to make sure we're all aware of the hilarious way the couple originally met, and just how perfect they are for each other. The latest Gilmore Girls revival Instagram photo is all about Luke and Lorelai, because love is not dead.

It's time to revisit some old episodes of the show before Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life is released on Nov. 25, 2016. To fully understand the latest photo released by Netflix, it's worth re-watching Season 5, Episode 3. It's a totally cute episode, because we get to see Lorelai and Luke on a real date (he even takes his baseball cap off for the occasion, so you know it's serious), and their conversation revolves around the story of how they met. Basically, it's the best meet-cute you could hope for from your favorite couple from Stars Hollow.

As Netflix's photo suggests, Lorelai and Luke's first meeting involved a horoscope. Lorelai bustled into Luke's Diner looking for coffee (of course), and, as per usual, Luke rebutted her fast talking mouth and her attitude. He eventually served her coffee, for which she was obviously thankful, and then she demanded to know his birthday. He relented, and she scribbled something down under his star sign, handed it to him, and told him to keep it in his wallet, because one day it would give him luck. Luke being Luke, he did just that, and kept Lorelai's handwritten horoscope in his wallet for eight years before they started dating. Could he be any more perfect?

Netflix has likely chosen to feature this detail from Luke and Lorelai's history because it sums up their relationship perfectly. The horoscope — "You will meet an annoying woman. Give her coffee, and she'll go away." — tells us something essential about the relationship between Lorelai and Luke. Not only do many of their interactions revolve around the Diner and coffee, but the important tension that exists between them comes from Luke's supposed annoyance, but actual love, for Lorelai and all of her quirks.

Clearly, Netflix's latest advert is a clue that Luke and Lorelai's love is very much alive in Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, and it'll hopefully continue for many years to come.

Images: Warner Bros./Netflix