NARS' Holiday 2016 Collection With Sarah Moon Is As Dreamy As Makeup Gets

If you're passionate about makeup (even if just a little bit), then you know that the announcement of a NARS' 2016 Holiday Collection is a big deal. As makeup lovers, we all have NARS products that are our personal, everyday faves (Orgasm blush, anyone?), and this new holiday collection puts an artistic and totally Instagrammable spin on those classics. But all of the amazing characteristics, inspiring collaborations, and cult-favorite products from the brand pretty much boil down to one man — Francois Nars. And this holiday's collaboration with Sarah Moon happens to be pretty special to Nars. "It was actually my dream to work with her one day, and when we started doing this collaboration, I was lucky enough [that] she agreed," Nars tells me at an event celebrating his latest collaborative collection.

The Sarah Moon for NARS Holiday 2016 Collection is a result of the creative power of Francois Nars himself paired with insight and inspiration from famed fashion photographer Sarah Moon. Nars says that the working relationship began from a place of respect, and the simple fact that Nars is a huge fan of Moon's work.

"The most exciting thing for me was that I told Sarah she could do anything she wanted...I said, do not limit yourself, give me anything you want, your request will be ordered, and we will just get it done...I knew at the end I knew I was going to get a pure Sarah Moon image," Nars says.

Nars is nothing short of a legend in his own industry, with Moon being an equally revered talent, so the collection is every bit as dreamy as one would expect. Not only are the shades and formulas luxurious, but the packaging is truly stunning. From the color scheme to the images, the line is an obvious work of art.

In terms of his favorites in the collection, Nars says he loves all the lipsticks and a "deep plum" eyeshadow, in particular. And even though he has his own favorites, Nars says it's almost impossible for even him to tell what will be the most popular products.

"In general, I’m surprised because there’s sometimes specific colors that I love, but that the public didn’t necessarily like. It’s a little bit always of a gamble, a lottery," Nars says. "One example is the Orgasm blush — I made this color like I would make any other color. It’s the perfect proof that only at the end, the customer — the woman who buys the makeup — is the only judge."

The collection will be available exclusively at on Oct. 5 and NARS Boutiques on Oct. 15, then at Sephora, Nordstrom and specialty stores on Nov. 1. So if you want to get your hands on this collection ASAP, you won't have to wait long.

Whether you already have your eye on a product or two (or four, or five...) or you're ready to buy every single product in the line, the Sarah Moon for NARS Collection is a gem. The collection is unquestionably beautiful from an artistic point of view, and the products are collection staples that will last you all season long (and beyond).

Images: Courtesy NARS