Who's Playing Tim Kaine & Mike Pence On 'SNL'? The Vice President Hopefuls Are Sure To Be Parodied Soon

It's election season in the great United States of America. People are trying to decide who they want sitting in the White House for the next four years. There are debates, speeches, political commercials, and more. And then, there's Saturday Night Live mocking it all. The NBC show has a long history of parodying the political season. So, it's no surprise that this year Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are constantly imitated on the show. Kate McKinnon has been killing it as Hillary Clinton, and it was just announced that Alec Baldwin has been tapped to imitate Donald Trump. But which SNL cast members will play Mike Pence and Tim Kaine? The vice presidential candidates have their own debate coming up soon, and they are sure to provide some SNL-worthy fodder.

SNL sketches have the potential to become national news and actually have some effect on the election. For that reason, choosing the right people to play these political figures is important. Thus far, it doesn't seem like the show has made any casting decisions for these candidates, so I put together a list of possibilities of which there are quite a few. After all, one thing politics and SNL have in common is that there's never a shortage of white men around.

1. Beck Bennett As Tim Kaine

Bennett is a full-time, current player on SNL. His experience on the show would help him feel confident stepping into the important impersonation. And, while this may sound like a simple reason, their faces just look similar. Even Tina Fey began doing her Sarah Palin impersonation because of overlapping looks. Bennett would be a strong choice for Kaine.

2. Colin Jost As Mike Pence

I know Colin Jost keeps busy with Weekend Update but perhaps he could also play Mike Pence. They're both white dudes who wear suits. So they already have a ton in common. Perhaps Jost would enjoy the opportunity to play the conservative sidekick.

3. Mikey Day As Either Candidate

As a new cast member, Mikey Day is a bit of a wild card, but I could see him playing either VP candidate. What better way to join the cast then with a role in political sketches? This former SNL writer turned SNL performer could make a splash by playing a VP candidate from the get-go.

4. Alex Moffat As Either Candidate

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

He's another new cast member, so it's hard to tell which candidate he would fit best. Moffat may get to prove himself by stepping into one of these VP hopefuls' shoes.

5. Bobby Moynihan As Tim Kaine

Another SNL vet who could confidently step into a political role would be Moynihan. Having played a variety of characters, he could nail this feature part. He's already played Cruz in a sketch, so playing a different candidate wouldn't be too much of a stretch.

6. Seth Meyers As Mike Pence

This is a stretch since Meyers is very busy running Late Night With Seth Meyers. But, perhaps a big name return to play the VP conservative hopeful might be a cool surprise. When it comes to political sketches, famous alums often say yes.

Whoever steps into the roles, I hope fun political sketches are in store, because the election itself is getting a bit scary.

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