What Your '90s Bedroom Decor Says About You

by Kat George

Contrary to what kids today might think, there were lots of different styles in the '90s, especially when it came to interiors. Sure, there are certain things we associate with the '90s that are fairly universal, like brown lipstick, floral Elaine Benes style dresses, and dial-up internet, but as with any era, when it came to style, the '90s were diverse and varied. As a kid, maybe you wanted to paint your bedroom Friends-style purple. Or maybe you were super into plastering your walls with posters of celebrities and the cast of Dawson's Creek. And maybe you were an emo or goth kid and had your room surrounded with candles and strewn with ripped jeans.

Whatever your '90s style, it's likely it reflected in your bedroom. And you can tell a lot about a person from their personal surroundings. Of course, there are things you can't tell, but on a superficial level at least, a person's bedroom tells inherent truths about them. For instance, someone with no bedroom style might not be super into aesthetics. Meanwhile, someone with a bright pink room covered in unicorns might be super girlie and whimsical. It doesn't mean those people don't have other personality traits —for instance, the first person might have an active imagination, while the second might also be into, say, bodybuilding (IDK, just spitballing) — it just means that you can tell one or two certain things about a person from looking at their habitat. Here's what your '90s bedroom style says about you.

1. The Cher Horowitz Style "Modern Princess" Bedroom

If your bedroom had a huge or walk in wardrobe, some kind of elaborate bed (four post or otherwise), a long mirror, and lots of girlie decorations, you might have been a real-life Cher Horowitz. Gorgeous, vivacious, and probably overachieving, you're the apple of your parents' eye, popular, and generally a model for How To Be Successful. It's likely you're super motivated, spritely, and ambitious.

2. The Celebrity Bedroom

If your walls were plastered with posters of celebrities from floor to ceiling, you were probably the quintessential '90s teen. You loved shows like 90210 and Dawson's Creek, and devoured celebrity news. These days, you follow all the Kardashians on social media.

3. The Monica Geller Purple Walled Bedroom

You're a perfectionist at heart, but you also masquerade as a free spirit. You're a home body who loves their home environment to be the best place to hang out. The hostess with the mostest or host with the most, like Monica, you probably work around the clock to make sure people feel comfortable when they enter your world. In school, you probably threw the best slumber parties.

4. The Sorority Sister Bedroom

You might have been a mean girl or boy, or you might have just been that peppy. Your bedroom was full of your sporting achievements and you were the star of your high school sports, whether team or individual. You loved organizing social events, and probably were on the yearbook committee, too.

5. The Mystical Bedroom

Modeled off the Magic Shop in Buffy or the bedrooms in The Craft, you were all about mystical and magical. With candles everywhere, your ideal weekend involved mixing potions or hosting a seance for your friend, or getting light as a feather stiff as a board to work. You've probably grown into quite the dreamer, are vegan, and do yoga.

6. The Grunge Bedroom

There was always load music playing out of your bedroom and a "keep out" sign on the door. You were messy and chaotic, but a deep thinker. You love disappearing into dense literature, and likely enjoy writing as well.

7. The Generic Bedroom

Like so many slasher films, your generic, boring bedroom was meant for one thing: being able to sneak in and out of the window. You were a rebel who was always looking to escape. You probably still have a wild spirit and love to travel, rarely caring enough about putting down roots to think too much about what your bedroom should look like.

8. The Bright Popping Colors And Floral Bedroom

Your bedroom looked like a Jackson Pollock mixed with a field of unnaturally-colored gerberas. You're now a little bit eccentric, but the kind of person who always has a surprise up their sleeve. You embrace life, and like what you like, no matter how gaudy or silly it might seem to others. You have a strong sense of yourself and what you want.

9. The Social Bedroom

Big, fluffy bed with lots of pillows, and arm chair, window seat — generally lots of places for lots of pals. Your bedroom was for entertaining when you were growing up, and you're probably still something of an entertainer now. You're happiest when surrounded by pals and hate being alone.

10. The Blow Up Furniture And Cow Print Pillow Bedroom

You turned into a raver, didn't you? You consider yourself a "Burner" now and back in the day your futuristic room was a precursor to all the EDM nights to come.

11. The Bedroom With Its Own Landline

You were an early bloomer. You needed that landline to call all your boyfriends and girlfriends in high school, and you were a gossip queen. These days you're probably the boss of something, always happiest when you're making calls and exchanging information.

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