UD's Vintage Nail Collection Won't Break The Bank

If you've been saving your hard-earned money for something special, this is it. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Urban Decay is bringing back twelve nail polishes that have previously been discontinued. The '90s classics won't be here for long, so you're going to want to stock up while you still can. How much are Urban Decay's Vintage Nail Colors? They polishes won't break the bank.

You asked and this brand listened. According to the website, Urban Decay brought back some of their most requested nail polishes of all time. This is the first time that these shades have been seen since the late '90s, and they won't be around for long. Actually, one of the shades is already sold out. Something tells me the rest of these will be just as popular, because they are so cool.

As far as the price tag goes, you might be pleasantly surprised. These '90s nail colors are only $10 each. That's a small price to pay for nostalgia, people! Might as well stock up on a few of your favorites considering these polishes won't be around forever. Currently, the only color that's already sold out is Asphyxia, a royal purple. Fan favorites like UV-B, Smog, and Mildew are still available to shop.

There is no bundle option on the website, so you'll have to buy each polish separately if you want to stock up on the entire collection (which you no doubt will once you see how cool these colors are).

UD XX Vintage Nail Color, $10 each,

The shades might be vintage, but the bottles have gotten a makeover. Compared to the '90s potion-bottle packaging, these are more modern, but they have the same feel to them. There's a skull on top of each of the lids as well as the name of the brand printed on the side.

UD XX Vintage Nail Color, $10 each,

What are you waiting for? Go get to shopping before they've all gone!

Images: Urban Decay (2)