Is George Clooney Dating Amal Alamuddin? 7 Reasons We Think The 'Gravity' Star Might Be

Listen up! George Clooney might be dating Amal Alamuddin! And people are all atwitter about it. It's all very exciting, you see, because this woman, a 36-year-old barrister from London, seems different. Jezebel went so far as to declare her out of his league. Mostly because, well: oh, you know how George is, that ol' scallywag. You know how he is with the ladies, all visual feast and quiet obedience. His last few girlfriends — Sarah Larson, Elisabetta Canalis, Stacy Keibler — they're, y'know: young and beautiful, and all-but-guaranteed to never eclipse the affable Cloons in terms of size and stature, professionally speaking. Their career paths of choice — cocktail waitress, model, and model/former professional wrestler, respectively — aren't exactly what we'd call game-changers (though nor is his, to be fair), either. But this new girl is different! So what's with the change of scenery?

There may be many reasons why Georgie-Porgie over here has gone ahead and decided on Ms. Alamuddin. She, like the other girls, is still very beautiful, but she's also got the caveat of being an incredibly well-respected and high-profile barrister (that means "lawyer" in American, you guys). So, naturally, all that sets her apart from the rest.

Tina and Amy Got To Him

We know that Clooney had enough of a laugh from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's Gravity joke at the — "Gravity, the story of how George Clooney would rather float into space and die than spend one one more minute with a woman his own age." — to declare a prank war on the duo, but what if that's all just a cover? What if, deep down, the joke hit the nail on the insecure head and sent Clooney into an emotional tailspin, questioning his every life move and motive?

He Decided He Wanted a Challenge

It's good to date someone that's smarter than you — challenge is what keeps a good partnership fresh. And, sure, Cloondawg may know a bit about Syria, but we're sure Ms. Alamuddin knows a fuck of a lot more. Teach 'em what's up, Amal!

He Needed a Date to the White House

Recently the writer/director of Monuments Men took his film (and several of its stars) to the White House for a screening. If President Obama is showing up with FLOTUS Michelle, you better bring someone who can hang just as well.

She Could Get Him Into Kofi Annan's Inner Circle

Just what George Clooney needs — more impressive world leader/advocate/generally impressive types as friends.

He Wants to Have a Chat with Julian Assange

Alamuddin is his lawyer, after all. Maybe Clooney wants to do a WikiLeaks movie done right?

He Just Likes Her Because They Get Along?

Wouldn't that be a novel thought! That George Clooney's dating is not at all strategic but actually just based on mutual admiration and attraction?

Someone Has to Be a Sandra Bullock Stand-In