Anna Kendrick & Justin Timberlake Have The Best Attitude When Things Don't Go According To Plan — VIDEO

If you're craving some comedic relief, look no further than this post. When promoting their upcoming movie Trolls, Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick tried to light up the London Eye — the famous U.K. ferris wheel. Spoiler alert: It did not go as planned. After a big countdown, the two stars went to push the button and nothing happened. Nothing at all. Instead, the pair bursted out laughing as Timberlake continued to try pushing it down. If anything, this is a perfect lesson in crisis management. They stayed calm and rolled with the punches when things don't go as planned.

Considering Timberlake and Kendrick are known for their senses of humor, they're an ideal pair to handle this kind of mishap. The video is both hilarious and precious at the same time, especially because their excitement quickly changed to confusion when the button didn't work. And don't worry, there's good news. Eventually the wheel did light up. Kendrick later shared a photo on her Instagram with the caption, "We lit up the London Eye tonight!" with a slew of emoji hearts to match its glow.

Since Trolls doesn't hit theaters until November, hopefully the public appearances just keep coming. They previously performed a duet of "True Colors" at the Cannes Film Festival and attended San Diego Comic Con. After this ferris wheel incident, they're officially my new favorite celebrity duo.

Watch for yourself below:

And since the end of that video didn't look too promising, here's the final result of the wheel glowing. Glad they finally figured that out!

In the future, they should probably schedule some kind of trial run before a big event like this. Or actually maybe not, considering the result was so much better when they had to improvise. Honestly, I would watch Timberlake and Kendrick do anything together. Can they please be the next Oscar hosts? They have my vote.