This Aaliyah Cover Will Blow Your Mind — VIDEO

An artist who covers a popular song is an artist venturing into prickly territory. We all know of a rendition or two that failed miserably, doomed from the start. I don't necessarily agree with every track on this list of the worst cover songs, but yeah, we could've totally done without that auto-tuned part on 2010's "Artist For Haiti We Are The World" remake. Ugh. Fortunately that isn't the case for singer/songwriter BANKS, who performed a lovely acoustic cover of Aaliyah's 1998 hit "Are You That Somebody?" on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge.

Newcomer BANKS (real name Jillian Banks), who's been compared to singer Lorde, added her own spin on one of Baby Girl's most popular songs with simple, smooth vocals and a guitar. It's definitely more toned down than the original, but so far, it's the best posthumous Aaliyah collaboration or cover I've heard. Last year Chris Brown successfully meshed his and Aaliyah's vocals on his single "Don't Think They Know," which did a great job of sounding good and current while successfully maintaining the laid-back, sultry musical formula that defined Aaliyah's signature sound. Drake tried it with "Enough Said," but his plans to release Aaliyah's second posthumous album never materialized.

If he hasn't already, Drake will probably be contacting BANKS for a collaboration in the near future. She's already toured with The Weeknd and had her music featured in a Victoria's Secret commercial. Since Aaliyah's former producer and friend Timbaland feels Aaliyah's music will only work with him, Drake hooking up with BANKS to express his undying dedication to the late songstress might be the next best thing.

Listen to BANKS' cover of Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody?" below:

Image: Instagram/hernameisbanks