See How 'Mad Men,' 'Scandal,' 'Lost' & More Have Fared Over the Years In A Handy Graph

Television audiences can be fickle. This can, in a lot of ways, because television quality can be quite fickle. That's kind of what makes the Internet so useful, though: It's a way for a lot of people to organize their relatively messy thoughts on all that crazy pop culture they assume and funnel it into one place or thing for easier digestion. Which is why Kevin Wu's handy GraphTV is so great: You can see exactly when people loved Scandal , or Grey's Anatomy , or Lost — or when they hated it with a blind rage. Hey, we've all been there.

The system works by visualizing the IMDb ratings of any TV show by episode. This makes it super easy to see, say, which seasons of Veronica Mars were a hit (they're way too hard on season two in my opinion, and quite confusingly way too into season three), or how people felt about How I Met Your Mother over the years (surprisingly steady, but with a noticeable decline in these past two seasons). People also apparently had really mixed feelings about Season 4 of Breaking Bad , and the graph for Dexter 's very steep decline at the end is downright hilarious.

So let's look at some shows.

Mad Men

Basically, Mad Men starts out slow and wins people over as it goes (sometimes with tap dancing).

Grey's Anatomy

Highs: Season 2 bomb episode, season 6 shooting finale. Low: The musical episode.


People apparently really did not like the pilot of Scandal. What they did like, however, but they really did like the most recent episode. I'm not sure I trust IMDb users anymore, if I ever did.


Up and down and all around. "Through the Looking Glass" and "The Constant" (PENNEH) are favorites, of course; people really hated all the flashbacks to Jack having tattoo funtimes in Phuket, and also when Charlie went crazy at Claire's baby. Sounds about right.

Images: KevinWu