Reasons Why 'Serendipity' Could Never Happen Today

In addition to teaching everyone the meaning of the word, the 2001 movie Serendipity showed that sometimes fate really does step in when it comes to love (and romantic comedies). Johnathan (John Cusack) and Sara (Kate Beckinsale) meet-cute in New York City during Christmas, have a magical time, and then leave it up to destiny for them to one day meet again — even if it's 10 years and many obstacles later. But the film came out 15 years ago and these days, there are so many reasons why Serendipity could never happen again, because Google, smartphones, and Facebook stalking totally exist now.

I mean, if you think about it, if Serendipity took place in 2016, Johnathan and Sara could've met, Googled each other, texted each other, dated, broken up, gotten back together, broken up again, and then ran into each other awkwardly with new loves within the decade that the movie takes place. The romantic comedy, though, takes place in the more innocent time of 2001, when not everyone had smartphones and peoples' existence weren't so tied to numerous social media profiles that could either be a immediate turn on or off. These days, it's so possible to find too much information about that mysterious stranger you just met, as long as they seem to have a unique name. Thanks, Google.

So I hate to burst your bubble, but here's why Serendipity is a dated movie of romantic comedies past.

1. They Would've Just Bought The Cashmere Gloves Online

Sara and Johnathan meet-cute when they both grab the same set of black cashmere gloves at a store. These days, who has time to shop in store? Let's face it — they each would've bought the gloves online and there would be no story here.

2. They Would Have Exchanged Phone Numbers Via Texting

In the movie, Sara writes down her number on a piece of paper and it flies away. She has Johnathan write down his number on a $5 bill. Who writes down their phone numbers anymore? Now, one person probably would enter it in their phone and texted the other person, "Hey it's me." And then they would go on to text each other incessantly, but be unsure about pulling the trigger about ever seeing each other again. Sigh.

3. They Would've Drawn The Constellation On A Phone

I hate being such a bummer about this sweet, romantic moment, but I doubt the scene where Johnathan "draws" the constellation Cassiopeia on Sara's arm would happen the same way now. I have a feeling that in 2016, he'd whip out a smartphone and compare it to her on Wikipedia, then draw it on the phone, because who carries pens anymore. Sucks the romance right out of it, doesn't it?

4. Johnathan Could Easily Buy Every Copy Of The Book On Amazon & Ebay

He becomes obsessed with picking up Love in the Time of Cholera in bookstores, because Sara wrote her phone number in a copy for him to find one day. Modern conveniences make it way easier to track down limited editions of books — or to just buy every copy in existence. All he needs is a computer and a credit card.

5. They Could Find Each Other On The Internet

Johnathan and Sara are common names, but I believe that they learn enough about each other on that magical night to obsessively Google each other for years and eventually stumble upon each other. I mean, it's almost scarily easy.

6. They'd Find Each Others' Wedding Websites/Registries

So let's say Modern Johnathan and Sara find each other via the fate of Google, but don't contact each other for some reason. They would eventually find out that they're engaged to different people via those sentimental wedding websites everyone seems to make, along with their online wedding registries.

Then they'd each get depressed and go eat a whole carton of Ben & Jerry's, wondering what could have been. End of story.

7. Sara's Roommate Would Have Found Her On Craigslist

In the movie, Johnathan tracks down Sara's roommate, who she was placed with through a service. Whoa, right? In 2016, he would have found her on Craigslist, they would've strongly disliked each other, and anytime they complained about each other to respective friends, they'd bemoan, "This is what happens when you live with someone from Craigslist."

8. Lars Would Be A Niche YouTube Celebrity

This music video would have so many hits right now and Sara's fiance would definitely have YouTube groupies.

9. Their Phone Numbers Would Be Cell Phone Numbers

So even if Johnathan and Sara hadn't found each other via obsessive Googling, Facebook stalking, and a dash of LinkedIn stalking, they could definitely find each other from each others' phone numbers. Johnathan eventually finds Sara's in the book and Sara finds his on that $5 bill — let's face it, though, they would be cell numbers and they could just call each other to ask what's up. No cross country travel needed.

10. They'd Look For Each Other On Dating Sites

If Johnathan and Sara still pined for each other after a decade now, they would really check every platform to find the other — in addition to Facebook, they'd check Tinder, OK Cupid, and Match.com. Maybe even Craigslist Missed Connections, just because. This might make for an awkward conversation with their respective fiances, though.

11. They Would've Followed Each Other On Social Media

I don't know about you, but sometimes I find myself in these moments of "spontaneous followings" — meaning, I mutually follow an acquaintance on a social media platform that I just shared a good experience with, but don't necessarily know very well or even would consider a friend.

I feel like Johnathan and Sara would've done that, after having such an amazing meet-cute and night in New York. They'd occasionally @ each other, but soon the communication would just dissolve into sporadic "likes."

So really, Modern Johnathan and Sara would have never lost each other at all. No Serendipity needed.

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