Dominique Young Unique's "Throw it Down" Video is Your New Summer Dance Party

It may the the first day of Spring, but it looks like rapper Dominique Young Unique has delievered our first big song of the summer. The video for her single "Throw it Down" was just released and it's absolutely wild. Take everything Stefon has every said about one of his favorite night clubs and multply it by a thousand, and there you have the video for "Throw it Down." Unqiue's lyrical style is relentless and the song is as chaotic as it is catchy. Hear it once now and I promise you, within the next two weeks, you'll be hearing it at every bar with a sweaty dancefloor from now until Labor Day.

And none of us are complaining. Unique brings a fearless, assertive and bombastic approach to her music and visuals. "Throw it Down" feels like the video catalog of early Missy Elliott, Prodigy and Lil Kim mixed in a blender with a recently-lit firework. The video also features a plethora of back-up dancers, all of whom are men, many of whom are twerking, and none of which ever steal the focus from the woman in charge. The gender reversal is less tongue-in-cheek and much more a statement of the artist's own dominance. She's powerful to say the very, very least.

"I got my finger on the trigger," she snarls. And damn, does she ever. Check out the clip below and get ready for everything to get very, very loud.

MissYoungUniqueVEVO on YouTube

Image: MissYoungUniqueVEVO/YouTube