The 'GG' Revival Better Answer This Dean Question

by Michelle Lulic

Netflix's four-part Gilmore Girls revival is on its way, and fans are hoping to finally get the closure for Lorelai and Rory they've been waiting for. However, there are some other characters whose have futures worth figuring out. Despite watching Dean fall hard for Rory, get married and divorced to another woman, and, ultimately, remove himself from Rory's life entirely, the revival opens up new questions for where Dean's future may lead him. Considering the fact that Dean is only set to appear in one episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, there's only one question on my mind: Did he ever take Rory's advice? I need to know if Rory's small-town ex ever went to college. With a heart like his, Dean could certainly achieve so much more than he had originally planned for himself.

Let's admit it: We all know a Dean Forester. We all know a guy who has so much potential but, for numerous reasons, always sells himself short. Dean got married and divorced at a rather young age and skipped the whole college and career thing to jump right into whatever jobs he could get to pay the bills. In contrast to his ambitious ex-girlfriend, Dean never gave much thought into leaving Stars Hollow at all. He just accepted the idea that he was holding her back. But what if Dean got his life together in the time that has passed between the original series and the revival?

Dean could have gone back to school, gotten a higher-paying job, and maybe even moved out of Stars Hollow. For those of you 'shipping Rory and Dean, perhaps their lives are finally aligned so that they can be together? A girl can dream, especially considering what Padalecki had to say about his role in the revival.

"I will say probably a lot more than I'm supposed to. [Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino] basically said, ‘Listen, we're going to write you a really cool scene and if you get a day off let us know we will just put your scene on the schedule for that day.' She was like, 'It's a set that we already run and own [and] it's an actress that already is working every day, so let us know.' So Dean has a cool scene in the market he used to work at. It's a nice, a really nice scene that gave me closure."

My mind is already reeling with possibilities. For one, it would be utterly depressing if Dean was still working at Doose's Market, so maybe his episode concerns him visiting his old workplace to reflect on how far his career has come? Of course, he could be the manager of Doose's, shopping with his kids from another marriage, or going there to reconnect with Rory in some way. But the small size of the town doesn't mean there could be a limit on his future.

So, please, Amy Sherman-Palladino: Don't let Dean be on the same path he was on when we saw him last in Season 5. In the past nine years, he's had more than enough time to pull his life together and make it the best it could possibly be. I need to know if he reached his potential or not.

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