Real Housewives Get The Halloween Costume Struggle

There can be a lot of pressure when it comes to getting a good Halloween costume together. From thinking of the perfect idea to executing it, Halloween can take a lot of time and effort if you really want to get it right. If anyone gets this is, it's the Real Housewives, because these ladies love a good themed event. And aside from that, they're also extremely expressive about their opinions, so there are plenty of Real Housewives gifs that speak to the struggle of planning a Halloween costume.

For people who are into the holiday, Halloween can be a lot of (unnecessary) stress. And if you watch any of the Real Housewives shows, you know that these ladies really live for special events and that none of them just simply put on an outfit or costume. I doubt that any of these people are crafting their own Halloween costumes, but it's also obvious that none of them are just putting on an outfit without any prior thought.

Even if you're still brainstorming your Halloween look, you can at least feel better knowing that the Real Housewives understand the thought process you're going through. If you are super into Halloween, these Real Housewives moments should really speak to you.

1. When All You Can Find Are Outdated Ideas

Dressing up like Miley Cyrus from the foam finger VMAs incident was a clever costume a few years ago, but you have no idea why it keeps popping up in all of your Pinterest searches this year. The last thing you wan to do is wear an outfit that is so three years ago.

2. When You Try To Come Up With A Costume Idea, But It's A Far Reach

You really want to be original and unique, but your thoughts are so far out of the box that your costume is just an inside joke with yourself. No one is going to get it. It's time to go back to the drawing board.

3. When You're Struck With Inspiration

It finally hit you. You have the perfect idea that is original, yet easy for people to understand. You struck that perfect balance and you can't wait for everyone to see your look.

4. When You Share Your Idea With A Friend Who Wants To Be The Same Exact Thing

You did a lot of Pinterest browsing before you came up with the perfect outfit and now your friend thinks that your costume idea is so genius that she wants to do it too. How annoying.

5. When Your Friend Doesn't Understand Your Halloween Costume

You finally come up with something good and you're pumped to share your thoughts with your bestie, but she doesn't get what you were going for — at all.

6. When Your Friend Comes Up With A Group Costume That Revolves Around Her

The ideal group costume is supposed to make everyone feel special. You don't want to serve in a supporting role while your friend gets all the shine. Have you ever wondered why no best friend trios dress up as Destiny's Child for Halloween?

7. When The Costume Store Is Packed With Customers

Nothing throws off the Halloween creativity like being in a store full of people who are just taking up space and buying up all the good supplies.

8. When Your Package Finally Shows Up In The Mail

All you want to do is open you online order, but what if it doesn't look right? Ugh. The anxiety.

9. When Your Online Order Arrives & It's Not What You Expected

You read plenty of reviews. You zoomed in on all the photos. You had zero indication that your outfit was going to be completely see-through, yet that's what you discovered when your online order arrived. FML.

10. When Your Friend Makes A Bad Costume Suggestion

Come on, now. You have standards!

11. When You Have No Idea How You Spent So Much Money

You thought you were being budget conscious and now you're staring at your bank account in utter disbelief. Is it actually possible that you spent this much money?

12. When You Are Ready To Go & You Know You're Killing It

After all of the Google searches and extra money spent to expedite shipping, you finally have your outfit on and it fits perfectly. You're ready to be the queen of Halloween.

13. When You Scroll Through Instagram & See So Many Repeat Costumes

You know you owned Halloween when your Instagram post is getting a ton of likes and your whole feed is full of repeat offenders. You're on top of the world


14. When Everyone Likes Your Halloween Instagram Post

Nothing makes you feel like a winner on Nov. 1 like a flood of Instagram notifications. You slayed Halloween and everyone knows it.

Choosing a Halloween costume is a lot of work. A lot of thought goes into Halloween preparation, execution, and even post-holiday reflection. Thankfully, the Real Housewives understand what you go through if you're super into Halloween.

Images: RealityTVGIFs/Tumblr (14)