A Speedy Recap Of 'The Flash' Season 2

Now that fall TV is well underway almost all of our favorite shows either have or are gearing up to make their grand debut. But if I had to pick a series I was most looking forward to having up on my television screen again, I'd have to say it would be The Flash Season 3 premiere. Barry left us with a huge cliffhanger at the end of the second season when he decided to go back in time (yet again) and save his mother's life after all. What kind of impact will this have on his future and the rest of his fellow Central City residents? That all remains to be seen, but in the meantime, it's important to remember all of the exciting details that happened which led up to this point, which is why a recap of The Flash Season 2 isn't just a good idea... it's necessary.

From the numerous face-offs with Zoom to the reveal of the Man in the Iron Mask, this season in particular was chock-full of must-remember moments that'll remind you just how intense and perfectly executed this CW series truly is. So before we dive headfirst into Season 3, here's everything you need to remember from Season 2's wild ride.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

After Ronnie died in his attempt to save Central City from the singularity, Barry decided to cut himself off from the group for a while... that is until he begins getting attacked by villains who were sent through a portal (courtesy of the singularity) from a parallel world on Zoom's orders with strict instructions to kill Barry at any cost. A man by the name of Jay Garrick offered his assistance to help bring Zoom down since the two of them are arch enemies, though, his help would be somewhat limited, considering Jay's own speedster powers were unable to work on Earth-1.

Eventually, the team comes to realize that Zoom wants to steal Barry's speed force so he can become the faster speedster in every universe. Initially, Barry refuses to give into Zoom's demands, but when Joe's son, Wally, gets held for ransom in exchange for the speed, Barry makes the trade, leaving him powerless.

A Tale Of Two (Central) Cities

Harrison Wells from Earth-2 showed up shortly after the breaches were made, and while the team was hesitant to bring him into the fold (given everything the Earth-1 Wells put them through), he ended up becoming an integral part of the team. So much so that they agreed to help him get his daughter, Jessie, back from Zoom. But in order to do that, they had to go to Earth-2 and meet their parallel counterparts, which introduced us to both Killer Frost (Caitlin) and Deathstorm (Ronnie). While there, they also find a man trapped inside an iron mask at Zoom's lair, who later turned out to be the real Jay Garrick because YUP, the guy who was pretending to be Jay the entire season was actually Earth-2's Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom.

The Fall Of Henry

Thanks to The Flash being both action-packed and emotionally crippling, a tragic death was bound to ensue at some point and unfortunately it came at the expense of Barry's father, Henry. Figures that he was finally found innocent of his wife's murder only to later be killed shortly after his release. Barry obviously took his death very hard and it didn't help that Jay Garrick also just so happened to be Henry's doppelgänger.

Barry's Big Decision

Iris finally admitted her feelings to Barry, declaring how much she wants to be with him. But Barry was too distraught over his father's death to be able to deal with those feelings for the time being. Instead, he decided to travel back in time (again) and stop Eobard Thawne from killing his mother, thereby changing the trajectory of his entire life.

It's hard to say what will become of this big decision to completely re-write his past, but suffice to say, it will have a huge impact not just on Barry, but on the entire fate of Central City as a whole.

Images: Katie Yu (3), Diyah Pera, Dean Buscher/The CW (2)