Kylie's Smile Lip Kit Is Officially Sold Out

Kylie Cosmetics was on a roll during the last week of September. Not only did she tease her new Kyshadow Palette, but she debuted three new lip kits including her latest release, the Kylie Cosmetics' Smile lip kit. As it turns out, Jenner's fans are super into fun and flirty pinks as well as good causes because this charitable lip kit is no more. That's right, fans. The Smile lip kit is officially sold out, and while that may not be a great thing for fans, it's awesome for charity.

Why is Jenner's latest sell out good news for charity? The Smile Lip Kit's proceeds are actually not going back to Jenner or Kylie Cosmetics. Instead, Jenner partnered with non-profit SmileTrain for World Smile Day. SmileTrain helps children all over the world receive surgeries for cleft lips and palates. All of the proceeds from Monday's sell-out will thus go to help SmileTrain further their mission.

So far, there has been no word on whether or not the Smile lip kit will be restocked. However, Kylie Cosmetics did take to Instagram to thank fans for purchasing the kit saying, "This means so much to so many children, mothers, and families around the world!!"

The Smile Lip Kit's charitable uniqueness, however, may not be the only reason it sold out. It's also gorgeous.

Jenner looked stunning wearing it in a video posted the brand's account.

Here's hoping Jenner does decide to restock the gorgeous pink hue because this beauty deserves a second appearance.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram