ColourPop Is Launching Glitter Eyeshadows

ColourPop fans, get ready. The brand shared some exciting news on Snapchat Monday. There's a new product launch coming super soon for fans to starting getting excited for. The big news? There's going to be ColourPop glitter eyeshadows, and the brand is starting with five shades in this fun new finish. They'll be released super soon, too — this Thursday, Oct. 6.

ColourPop marketing specialists Sharon Pak and Jordynn Wynn jumped on Snapchat on Monday to share the latest product update from the brand, and fans are going to love this new addition to the collection. ColourPop is officially launching a new eyeshadow finish — glitter. The crazy popular cosmetics company already has metallic and matte eyeshadow shades, but if the swatches from Snapchat are any indication, this new glitter finish is going to be completely different than anything the brand has done so far.

Wynn and Pak shared swatches of the five shades, four of which were new and one of which is a return shade, Dance Party. The shadows are apparently "packed" with glitter, and the swatches show some seriously sparkly new shadows. And although there are some bright shades included in the new launch, they're definitely wearable for everyday looks or statement nights out. Most of all, however, they are perfect for the upcoming fall season.

Although this photo is super blurry, it gives you a good idea of just how sparkly the shades are.

Check out that pigmentation on Cusp, the glittery emerald shade.

From top to bottom these shades are Dance Party, Cusp, Arrow, Farside, and Sailor. How gorgeous are they?

Just check out how pigmented they all are — trust me, the blurry video doesn't do justice for how stunning they are. And like the rest of ColourPop's products, we can probably safely assume they're going to be super reasonably priced at $5 each.

Oct. 6 can't come soon enough!

Images: Courtesy of ColourPop; colourpopco/Snapchat (4)