Mac N' Cheetos Pizza For President

by Dasha Fayvinova

The internet has allowed humans to connect and share information like never before. The numbers are still not in on what the greatest internet contribution is, but undoubtedly when all is said and done, this Mac n' Cheetos pizza video will be right up there. Combining all the best parts of food known to man, JP Lambiase of Hellthy Junk Food has made one of the best snack dishes of all time. I hope you have your computer insured, because you are about to drool all over it.

This brand new pizza invention combines mac and cheese, Cheetos, pulled pork, and more cheese for a final product of epic proportions. I would go so far as to venture that this can compete up there with grilled cheese pizza. You'll have to make your own mac and cheese — but my advice is to buy pre-made pulled pork. Why? Because if you're going to make it from scratch, you shouldn't just smear it on a pizza, ya know? Respect. Instead, gather up your ingredients and get to making this decadent if not Frankensteinian meal in the comfort of your own home. I know I will!

After checking out Hellthy Junk Food's channel on YouTube I was inspired by just how many different dishes you can make with "junk". After scrolling through their videos I still felt that the Mac N' Cheetos pizza was calling my name. You can't go wrong with all this cheese. Trust me, your tastebuds will thank me after this video.

This is a pretty simple recipe to follow. Most of the food will take you a short time to prep and the cooking time of the final product is just 10 minutes! If you're looking for some more strange junk food combinations check out JP Lambaise's other videos:

1. Mountain Dew Ice Cream

Obviously, Mountain Dew taste delicious, but I've never thought about making ice cream out of it. The green color alone sold me on the idea.

2. Big Mac N' Cheetos

If you are that much of a Cheetos fan, why not combine them with another favorite — the Big Mac. You'll get that delicious burger taste with an added crunchy bonus.

3. Oreo Cookie Cones

By using aluminum foil and wrapping dough around it to form a cone, you can make your very own ice cream Oreo cones at home. Personally, this is going to be my next big project.

4. Mozzarella Stick Stuffed Crust Pizza

Not only is this a mouthful to pronounce, it's also a mouthful to eat. Stuffed crust pizzas are great, because you always feel like you're getting a little extra food with every slice.

No go forth, my fellow junk food enthusiasts, and get to cooking up these treats. Thanks to Hellthy Junk Food, the culinary junk food world is officially your oyster.

Images: YouTube