Jimmy Fallon, Billy Joel & an iPad Perform "Lion Sleeps Tonight" & It's Inspirational — VIDEO

All doo-wop groups, step aside, as we've got the ultimate doo-wop group right here. Jimmy Fallon, Billy Joel and an iPad app sang "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" on The Tonight Show Thursday night, proving that you can form your dream super group with just two folks and an iPad app. It also confirmed that Fallon sure knows how to host a killer show.

Fallon, who was stoked to have Joel as a guest, found a way to fulfill his dream of singing with the Piano Man. He showcased an iPad looping app (which you must download if you, like myself, dream of harmonizing like En Vogue circa 1992 by yourself). They recorded different harmonies to "In The Jungle," creating the signature "aweema-wep" backing vocals, and then sang the lead vocal line over it. It sounds great — if you're a sucker for a cappella harmonies, this will surely be right up your alley, but what makes it truly a joy to watch is the look on Fallon's face as the entire thing comes to fruition.

Not only does Fallon know how to capitalize on his guest's talents, but he sure knows how to pull together an entertaining show through his showmanship, solidifying his place as Jay Leno's successor.

But you've got to watch this clip — trust me, you'll have a smile that matches Fallon's by the end of it.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube