There Are So Many Theories About Kim's Robbery

by Nicole Pomarico

During a trip to Paris, France for Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint, and the flurry of reports that have followed is overwhelming. So far, not too many details are known about exactly what happened to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, save for the fact that she was physically unharmed although her attackers did manage to escape with over $10 million of her personal belongings. And now that the news is out, there are all kinds of unconfirmed theories about Kardashian's robbery, ranging from slightly possible to absolutely insane.

It makes a lot of sense why these theories are cropping up in the wake of such a shocking event. I mean, think about it: How does someone who is constantly followed by camera crews and security teams like Kardashian is become vulnerable to something like this happening? Of course people are trying to understand exactly what could have led to her attack, especially with the limited amount of information that's been released about the situation. It's doubtful that anyone but French police will be able to crack the case, but it's made a lot of people want to try.

Here are all of the theories behind Kardashian's robbery, from reported pieces of intel from insider "sources" to straight up conspiracies. Maybe none of them are right, but they're definitely interesting to think about.

It Was An Inside Job

A TMZ report released early Tuesday morning suggested that the robbers were allegedly alerted by someone close to Kardashian (or someone who worked at the property she was staying at) when it was the best time to strike — aka when Kardashian's security left the building to protect her sisters instead. Of all the theories, this one makes the most sense, because it's mighty convenient that the thieves managed to break in during the small window of time Kardashian was by herself.

It Was A Publicity Stunt

Steve Stanuilis, a man who claims to have worked as Kardashian's security in the past, told Page Six that he thinks it was "either an inside job or publicity stunt" since it seems like it was way too easy for the robbers to access her apartment — and others hypothesize it was a way to boost KUWTK ratings. I'm pretty sure that Kardashian has a handle on how to keep her show (which has been on the air for nearly a decade) going to that doesn't involve a staged attack, but nice try!

The Pink Panthers Are To Blame

And by "Pink Panthers," I do not mean the cartoon character. Nope, apparently, this group of jewel thieves from the Balkans could have coordinated Kardashian's attack since after more than 380 thefts, they're experienced enough to pull something like this off. Oh, and if you had no idea that jewel thieves were still a thing in 2016, you're not alone. It's news to me, too!

No, Wait, It Was Donald Trump's Fault

After all the bad press Trump has received this week, one theory that's floating out there is that Kardashian's robbery happened in order to steal headlines, keeping the American people distracted from the negative things out there about the Republican presidential nominee. At first, I thought this theory was the most out there, but then, I discovered the next one.

It Was Actually Taylor Swift

Yep, it's an actual theory that this whole thing was set up by Swift to get Kardashian back for releasing her phone call with Kanye West. I would like to hope that she'd never stoop to that level, especially since she doesn't exactly strike me as a criminal mastermind. Besides, that girl better be too busy creating new music to put together a stunt like this!

The Whole Thing Was A Hoax

An article in the New York Daily News called Kardashian's robbery "too good to be true" since surveillance footage and other details have yet to surface, and hypothesized that whole thing may have never actually happened in the first place. Seriously, what?!

Regardless of what actually happened, it's pretty clear that Kardashian's ordeal was horrifying. And as much as she loves social media, I'm kind of hoping Kardashian is staying away from it right now. Some of the things she may read aren't exactly supportive — even if it is interesting to read the crazy things that people have come up with.