8 Unconventional But Beautiful Pieces Of Engagement Jewelry

Everything has changed since the days when your parents were falling in love for the first time. Everything about the way we order groceries or shop for clothes or find dates would have seemed insane even 20 years ago. In the era of ghosting, dating apps, and going "Facebook official," not much about modern love feels tied to tradition. So, given all the huge changes we've been around for, there's nothing that says you should stick to traditional symbols of commitment — that goes for labels you put on your relationship, or your engagement jewelry, for that matter.

There’s an entire crew of jewelry designers — both established and on the rise — who are creating swoon-worthy pieces that can double as cool but out-of-the-box engagement pieces. From a cigar band with your significant other’s initials written in diamonds to an impossibly chic stacked cutout ring, we're spoiled with more choices than ever when it comes to expressing commitment with jewelry. Even if you're not a ring girl, there are plenty of options if you want to ditch the usual finger bling altogether: Try a pretty heart shaped pendant necklace or personalized ID bracelet instead. Here, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Real Is A Diamond to round up eight of our favorite unexpected engagement pieces, no matter what style you have your eye on, and no matter what your budget. These are sure to have you running (or dancing) down the aisle — you know, if you choose to have an aisle — because your jewelry should be as unique as your relationship.

Be-Leaf It or Not

Channel your inner bohemian and opt for a nature-inspired piece of bling.

Anita Ko leaf ring, $4,950, Anitako

Stacks on Stacks

For the girl who subscribes to the "more is more" way of thinking, these bands can be worn on separate fingers or combined on one.

Spinelli Kilcollin, $2,600, Barneys

Wear It Close To The Heart

You can defy convention but still stay classic with this gorgeous pendant necklace that has all the symbolism of an engagement ring.

Tiffany 1837®, $2,300, Tiffany

Sweet Nothings

Wear your heart on your finger with a dainty yet stunning token of affection.

Diamond Dipped Heart Ring, $420, Jennie Kwon Designs

Black Diamonds, If You Please

Dare to go dark with a cluster of stunning black diamonds.

Eclipse Diamond Cluster Ring, $3,175, Mociun

All Wrapped Up

Think "sci-fi princess" with a opal-embellished wrap ring.

WWAKE Opal & Diamond Crossover Ring, $750, CatbirdNYC

Wrist Watch

Go for the gold with a simple yet meaningful bracelet.

Ruby Stella bracelet, Ruby Stella

More Diamonds the Merrier

Why settle for one diamond when you can have an octo-diamond?

Delfina Delettrez Ring, $8,100, Net-A-Porter

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