Kim Refuses To Let The Robbery Make Her Fear Paris

I can only imagine how scared Kim Kardashian must have been both during and even after the robbery in Paris. Not only was she robbed, but reportedly she was bound and manhandled by the forceful thieves. It's a horrific scenario that fortunately didn't escalate to something even worse, but I think it can be argued that the emotional scars will likely remain for some time. But according to a People source, Kardashian isn't letting the robbery make her fearful of Paris. And, honestly, it makes sense. Resilience is practically Kardashian's middle name.

The source explained to People that while she probably won't go back to the apartment where the robbery happened — "It was a great home but due to safety concerns she likely won’t ever go back. She’s not going to feel safe going back to it. — Paris itself is a whole other story.

The source told People,

"She loves Paris. It’s the city of love for [her and Kanye]. She will go back to the city. It’s where her wedding activities were — the rehearsal dinner and everything. She’s not turning her back on Paris. She loves the people and the city."

I give the reality star a lot of credit, if she feels this way; though it'd be totally understandable had she feels differently. Kardashian's love of Paris is obvious. She's proud to visit and spend time there, as her social media posts often point out.

All in all, I am sure that she will find a way to make this incredibly sour batch of lemons into lemonade. She always does. From scrutiny over past relationships to speculation over her parenting, Kardashian never let's it get her down. And, as the source claims, she won't let the city of lights be tainted for her despite her ordeal.