6 Ways To Celebrate The Supermoon In Style

This year seems to be very big for space exploration and cosmic occurrences, because we will be celebrating a total of six supermoons this year. Not bad, right? And like with any other event that happens rarely during the year, we should find ways to celebrate the supermoon this time around.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with what a supermoon is and are tired of wondering why your friends keep posting pictures of it on social media, here is a quick rundown: The moon's orbit around Earth is not a perfect circle, which basically means that during certain times of the year it will appear much closer to us. At a point when the moon is at its closest to our planet, commonly referred to as perigee, and the moon is also a full moon — and voila, you get a supermoon. That's it! You know science now!

An optical effect called the moon-illusion can make a full moon appear to be huge when it rises above distant objects. Thus, a supermoon can look that much more impressive to us. And now that you know all of this dope information, get ready to join your social media-happy friends, because the next supermoon is slated to appear on Oct. 16. That's right around the corner! So get your friends together and celebrate the full moon's closest point of orbit in relation to our planet.

1. Supermoon Viewing Party

This is an obvious choice. At the end of the day, you don't really need a reason to drink and hang out with your buddies. But if you wanted to spice things up and have a theme to your hangouts, this occasion is pretty perfect. I would suggest making this a viewing party at an observatory or park. Grab some snacks and take a lot of cool photographs.

2. Moon Drink Party

When you have a supermoon in the works, it's only fair to use it as a drinking occasion. Get your friends together and start creating moon-inspired cocktails. Blue Moon makes a mean beer, so you can always start with that. Add brands that have something to do with space. The goal is to get so drunk by the end of the nice that you don't even know where the supermoon is.

3. Mooning Party

You and your closest friends can all moon the moon together. Sounds simple enough, but it's a bonding experience people need.

4. Charmed or Sailor Moon Marathon

If you were a fan of these shows growing up, then you will love this idea. Get your friends together for a moon and magic-themed marathon.

5. Update Your Social Media Presence

This is a perfect occasion to get some new profile pictures and headshots. Because of the dark atmosphere and the gorgeous moon overhead, you can really create some amazing photography. The photos can be used professionally or personally. Whatever you like!

6. Go Camping

Lastly, camping is a great option. You can enjoy the full majesty of the supermoon, without any light disturbance that you might get from a city landscape. A fire, some beers, and the views are enough to make this one of the best times of your life.

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