Luke's Diner Definitely Hasn't Changed On 'GG'

by Emily Lackey

I’m waiting with baited breath for the Gilmore Girls revival episodes to premiere just like the rest of you, but I’m not going to lie: I have some real concerns. They’re founded mostly in my fear that the new episodes will try just a little too hard to fit into a contemporary world, totally at the expense of what made the original series so great in the first place. If you have the same concerns, I’m here to be the bearer of some really good news: Luke’s Diner definitely hasn’t changed in the Gilmore Girls revival. All of the things that made it as wonderfully quirky and quaint back in 2000 are still in play today, according to the most recent picture posted to the Gilmore Girls Instagram page.

My concerns felt very valid to me up until this point. Like, will Luke’s Diner be full of hipster remote workers, filling their cups of coffee in between conference calls on their cell phones? Will a Stars Hollow establishment like Luke’s be influenced by contemporary life in the revival? These thoughts ran around my head, planting seeds of doubt, but no longer. In the picture, posted on Tuesday, an inside shot of Luke’s Diner is shown with the famous poster forbidding cell phones still on the wall and very much in tact. And thank god for that, because I don’t need another diner full of people ordering the bare minimum and taking up all the tables in my life.

Plus, that strikes me as something that would drive Luke Danes absolutely insane. For this town grump, having a bunch of people taking themselves way too seriously in his establishment would probably be his personal hell. And, you know what, it would be mine, too.

I'm personally relieved to see that not much has changed in Luke's Diner in the Gilmore Girls revival. I think this is just another sign that what made the original series so great in the first place is definitely going to still be there in these new episodes. And that gives me hope that they will be just as satisfying and fun for fans to watch as the first seven seasons of the show were. Because, let's be real, that's really what fans of the show want to see: the same people and places that we fell in love with from the start.

So I say good for Luke for sticking to his guns even after all these years. Some places should be cell-phone-free, and I’m very happy to see that Luke’s Diner is still one of them.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures