Luke's Diner May Have Wifi In The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Which Basically Means Hell Froze Over

Call me a luddite, but there are some things that I prefer without internet: Lazy Sunday mornings, all theater performances, and having coffee at Luke’s Diner. No matter how much technology advances, there are just some things that are just more enjoyable when you're disconnected from the internet. Which is why, when I saw the latest picture from Netflix that revealed some potentially startling news about the Gilmore Girls revival, my jaw just about fell off of my face. Because the image could mean big changes are in store of Luke’s Diner.

Brace yourselves, Stars Hollow fans, because the days of Luke grumbling over cell phone use and personally escorting anyone who doesn’t follow the "no cellphones" sign out of his establishment might be long gone. The latest image on Netflix’s Instagram account suggests that there might be more than just cell phones allowed in Luke’s Diner. In the image captioned, “Home is where the WIFI connects automatically,” a phone’s WiFi settings screen shows off a clever list of possible networks to connect to. I say clever because all of the WiFi networks are, of course, clever riffs on the streaming company’s most popular shows. Networks like “Litchfield” and “Rayburn House” crowd the phone’s screen. But right there in the middle of the list, the third Netflix network listed was for the one place none of us expected there to ever be WiFi: Luke’s Diner.

While this could just be a fun way to remind Netflix fans of all the homes away from home that they have via Netflix's original programming (after all, it's not like the inmates at Litchfield need WiFi), this image could mean a lot of things have changed in Stars Hollow and at Luke’s Diner. With the addition of connectivity to the great coffee and down-home ambiance of Luke’s Diner, I’m worried that the vibe of this beloved Stars Hollow establishment could be totally different. I mean, if there is an internet connection, will there also be cell phones? And laptops? Will people treat it like a Starbucks? Or — worse yet — will there be hipsters?

I’m pretty concerned about what this could-be change could mean for Luke’s Diner, but I am trying my best to hold out hope that not too much has changed, especially since this behind-the-scene pictures of Luke’s Diner from the Gilmore Girls revival looks pretty similar to the one we last saw in 2007. It's just regular old Luke's if there are still hammers hanging on the wall, right? Of course, it concerns me that his new version of Luke’s Diner does not have the "no cell phones" sign hanging from the wall, but since the caption does say that it is in the process of being set up, I’m holding my breath that it was just waiting around in storage at this point.

As much as I am looking forward to seeing how Stars Hollow has changed in the nine years since we’ve all been in town, there are definitely a few things that I am hoping stay the same. And Luke’s antiquated technology ban is definitely one of them.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures