Twitter Thinks Mike Pence Looks Like So Many Different Pop Culture Villains

Who has a waxen complexion, facial expressions so sharp they look like they were cut from marble, and a headful of blinding, snowy white hair? If your answer was "Mike Pence at the debate," that's absolutely correct. The Indiana governor exuded a distinctly scoundrelly-type aura at the debate, one that left Twitter contemplating which villain Mike Pence most resembled, and frankly, of all the comparisons social media floated, none were really too far of a stretch.

Sure, when Pence accepted the role of Donald Trump's vice presidential pick, he picked possibly the most trying position in politics (next to Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway). Pence has had to strike the tricky balance between putting out the almost-daily political fires set by Trump while making sure to appear solidly in his camp. When Trump refused to endorse Paul Ryan's reelection campaign, Pence had to announce his own endorsement of the GOP's highest ranking politician. When Trump engaged in a public verbal skirmish with the father of Capt. Humayun Khan, the Muslim American war hero, it was up to Pence to clean up the mess. And what of the governor's sound criticism of Trump's call for a ban on Muslims entering the United States? After he became Trump's VP pick, Pence mysteriously went silent on the topic.


While Pence has long seemed to carry an air of villainy — especially while reiterating his opposition to LGBTQ rights — his defense of Trump's many incendiary positions and remarks on Tuesday further painted him as a classic bad guy.

And by golly, did Twitter take note.

Is He A Vampire?

Is He Part Of The Marvel Universe?

Maybe The Bond Movies?

Or Maybe The DaVinci Code

Could Be Indiana Jones, Too

Now We're Going Back In Time

There's The Kids' Movie Theory

"I'll Be Back"

So Many Options

So Many Jet Packs

Again With The Bond

Now That's Terrifying (Take Note, Ryan Murphy!)

Scooby Scooby Do, Where Are You


While Pence's painful struggle to defend Trump may endear him to some, many others clearly saw in him a cunning politician who abandoned his own principles to latch onto a position of considerable power — which, if you think about, is about as apt a description of a fictional villain as any.