Donald Trump's "Broad-Shouldered Leadership" Comment Is Completely Sexist

Former reality TV star and current presidential candidate Donald Trump promised he would be tweeting during Tuesday's first and last vice presidential debate and knowing him, there had to be some not-so-casual sexism involved. So, obviously, during the debate, Trump retweeted that we need "strong, broad-shouldered leadership" in the White House.

Of course, nothing is surprising about Trump taking to Twitter to make sexist remarks. It's something he does frequently — he's certainly made a habit of it throughout the 2016 election. In case you needed it, let's revisit a few examples of "Trumped-up" Twitter sexism from the last year: Trump has taken to Twitter to refer to Fox News' Megyn Kelly as a "bimbo" more than once. The businessman-turned-politician also tweeted photos of his primary opponent Ted Cruz's wife, but only after threatening the Texas Senator by saying, "Be careful, Lyin' Ted, or I will spill the beans on your wife!" Most recently, Trump took to Twitter to make misogynistic statements about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, first calling her disgusting and then suggesting that Machado had a sex tape, which remains unproven.

So, no, Trump's latest "broad-shoulder" tweet during Tuesday night's debate isn't necessarily a surprise. But that doesn't make it any less tiring. Women deal with sexism and misogyny on a regular basis as it is. We don't need to hear from Trump every other day about his feelings toward women on top of it — especially given that this is someone that has 41 percent of the vote, according to a recent Rasmussen Report.

The Vice Presidential debate was tiring enough watching two suburban white men argue about whose campaign is more driven by insults, while constantly talking over one another and interrupting moderator and CBSN anchor Elaine Quijano. Who knew that after the debate between Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on Sept. 26 that the VP debate could result in a similar tally of male candidates interrupting the female in the room?

I'm not surprised about Trump's latest sexist comments. They are pervasive. But I am definitely exhausted.