Are The Tarte x Nicol Concilio Brushes Cruelty-Free? You Can Feel Good About Using These Tools

The choices we make when it comes to purchasing cosmetics products and tools are important beyond the usual things like color, texture, and formula. For many consumers, the vegan and/or cruelty-free status of a product is critical. This includes makeup brushes, because of the hairs. The Tarte x Nicol Concilio makeup brushes are a luxe, brand x blogger collabo and they are insanely pretty to look at, thanks to the golden handles and thick, plush bristles. These brushes are also high quality and highly functioning. The Tarte x Nicol Concilio makeup brushes are limited edition and they recently restocked at Macy's. But are these makeup magic wands cruelty-free? Are they vegan?

You can feel good about using these tools... if you manage to snag them. The Tarte x Nicol Concilio makeup brushes are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, according to the caption of a fresh Instagram post on the brand's official feed. If you are able to scoop these brushes up before they sell out for good, you can do so in guilt-free fashion.

If you've yet to feast your eyes on these brushes, let's remedy that nonsense. Peep the Tarte x Nicol Concilio brushes below. They have such a classic vibe, don't they?

I say this often. You can spend tons of loot cakes on expensive liquids, creams, powders, and shadows. But if you don't have the proper tools with which to apply said product, it doesn't matter how much you spend. You get the most out of your cosmetics when you apply them with the right tools. It's even better when you can feel good about a cruelty-free purchase such as this.

Get 'em before they are gone for good... if you can. The set of six brushes is just $39, which is a steal for such high-functioning eye candy!

Images: Tarte Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Nicol Concilio/Instagram