Where To Buy The MAC Diwali Light Festival Collection, Because You'll Want These Amazing Shades ASAP

When brands produce special releases for the holidays, many would assume that holiday is Christmas. This time however, it's all about Diwali. The MAC Diwali Light Festival Collection celebrates the Hindu holiday of light and the colors are incredible. Thankfully, there's a way to get your hands on it right now.

The MAC Diwali Light Festival collection is available in MAC stores from Oct. 6 to Nov. 17, but you can snag the palette and accompanying brushes and eyeliners on the MAC Cosmetics website on Oct. 5. Some might not get the power of that kind of instant gratification, but those of us who can't wait a moment more for this amazing collection of shade know how awesome it is that it's online ahead of time.

Known as a celebration of the new year to many, Diwali is all about banishing darkness with light and evil with good and involves a huge array of colorful decorations and ceremonies. From this inspiration comes a vibrant, limited edition palette. Based on the bright colors of rangoli — decorative patterns made from colored sand, rice, flour and even flower petals — the Diwali Light Festival palette consists of nine shades in both primary colors and metallic hues.

This year, Diwali begins on Oct. 30 and lasts five days, so this would make a great present to gift someone who celebrates — or treat yourself to it, because it's awesome.

Eyeshadow Palette, $32, maccosmetics.com

The eyeliners available as part of the collection only come in black shades, but there is a pencil liner called the Modern Twist Kajal Liner, and a liquid liner called the Fluidline Pen. It makes sense that MAC included them in the collection, as hint of dark liner will only accentuate the beautiful brightness of these shadow shades.

Modern Twist Kajal Liner, $17, maccosmetics.com

Fluidline Pen, $23, maccosmetics.com

And not to leave you rubbing on your new shadows with your fingertips - which you probably wouldn't do anyway — MAC have also paired two brushes as part of the full set, so you can fully treat yourself to the new makeup experience.

239 Eye Shader Brush, $25, maccosmetics.com

217 Blending Brush, $25, maccosmetics.com

This palette is the perfect step away from the typical neutral and bronze tone palettes we're sure to see a lot of this fall. Instead of blending in with the crowd, take a note from Diwali and celebrate the brightness of the holidays with the new MAC palette.

Images: Courtesy MAC