Where Can You Buy Hello Kitty Wine? It's Not Available Worldwide Yet

If you are also unrepentant trash for all things Hello Kitty, then you are probably as desperate as I am to find out where you can buy Hello Kitty wine. The grown-up twist on the iconic character is actually a lot harder to get your hands on than you might think — despite the existence of Hello Kitty wine blowing up our feeds thanks to an army of Sanrio enthusiasts, you'll have to head to the west coast to enjoy it. Hello Kitty wine is made by the Italian winery Torti, which at the present is only distributing to Antonello Ristorante in Santa Ana, California. Anybody got airline miles they want to loan me, stat?

The good news is that even though most of us can't enjoy this creation right meow, the company has plans to distribute in Europe and the US. And yes, there is no timeline for when that is happening, but the squeaky cats get the catnip, y'all. Yes, whining to the wine distribution gods for more Hello Kitty wine is about as #basic as it gets, but if being basic is wrong, then I DON'T WANT TO BE RIGHT. Just look how majestic this wine looks! It is, at the risk of being shot for making another kitty-related joke, the cat's meow.

So what exactly does the wine of Hello Kitty taste like? According to the Los Angeles Times , Hello Kitty sparkling rosé is made from a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and Hello Kitty white wine is made of Pinot Noir grapes. "My father and my sister take care of the production, from the soil to picking the grapes,” said Patrizia Torti of Torti winery to the LA Times. “We produce a special bottle with a heart, only for Hello Kitty.”

As of right now, customers can order the wine at Antonello Ristorante in the glass or by the bottle, as well as buy a bottle on the run. In the meantime, the rest of us sad sacks stuck on the East Coast can slap a Hello Kitty sticker on our two-buck chuck and wait patiently for the day when this awesome wine finally hits local markets. #DREAMBIG, guys.

Images: Sanrio