15 Things Shailene Woodley Should Wear When She Isn't Eating Clay

Raise your hand if you're grateful for Shailene Woodley. She's probably the only Hollywood "it" girl ever to admit to regularly eating clay and foraging for herbs in the wilderness outside of LA. She doesn't mind discussing her vaginal health in an interview. The Divergent star is incredibly intelligent, candid (obviously), and whether it has to do with the clay she's eating or not, she's beautiful, the least plastic kind of beautiful there is.

So it's no wonder we're excited to see what this gorgeous hippie is going to wear to the many photo-ops ahead of her. She's already sported some standout looks — the jumpsuit she rocked at an NYC Divergent screening in March was incredible — but there's lots of room for the world's hottest, most endearing weird girl to experiment in the coming months. Here are 15 pieces we'd love to see Shailene wear:

1. Something Va-Va Voom

It's not that Shailene ever dresses particularly conservatively, but there aren't very many WOW moments that we can remember from her in the past. This dress would change that.

Halston Heritage Floral Jacquard Dress, $395, net-a-porter.com

2. A Different Kind Of Floral Dress

Shailene has worn floral on a red carpet before, but, well, we'd like to see her move on from the 12-year-old girl-vacationing-in-Hawaii look to something more sophisticated.

Alice + Olivia Dreema Strapless Printed Floral Gown, $1,197, neimanmarcus.com

3. Something Overtly Feminine

Shailene always looks pretty, but lately her outfits tend to have a bit of an edge. Something 100 percent feminine and girly would be a little new for her, but it would work so well.

Lela Rose Pleated Silk-Organza Dress, $2,295, net-a-porter.com

4. A New Little Black Dress

The girl wears a lot of black — and hey, there's nothing wrong with that; she rocks it. This would be our choice for her next LBD.

Balenciaga Plaid A-Line Dress, $1,035, barneys.com

5. Another Jumpsuit

Shailene clearly has the body for it, and when you've already knocked it out of the park with a jumpsuit once, why not keep doing it?

O'2nd Swan Jumpsuit, $495, barneys.com

6. Something Retro

The juxtaposition of Shailene's super modern haircut with a vintage-inspired outfit would be perfect.

Clements Ribeiro Astrid Printed Cotton And Silk-Blend Twill Dress, $865, net-a-porter.com

7. A Bright Red Carpet Look

In the past, Shailene has opted for more muted and neutral gowns for red carpets. Ok, the affinity for earth tones makes sense, but a little color wouldn't hurt ya, girl.

Zac Posen Bustier Fishtail-Hem Gown, $4,990, barneys.com

8. Something (A Little) Sheer

Something just sheer enough would be sexy, young and fun.

Valentino Embroidered Lace Dress, $6,690, nordstrom.com

9. A Bohemian Look

I feel like if you forage for your vegetables and eat clay, shopping at Free People is pretty much just the natural next step. But maybe that's just me.

Fly Away Rose Dress, $168, freepeople.com

10. Statement Jewelry

Let's be honest, fashion is at least 50 percent about accessories. Where's your statement jewelry, Shailene?

Ryan Storer Ear Cuff, $630, net-a-porter.com

11. Something Sparkly

Because every girl needs something curve-hugging and shiiiiiny.

Herve Leger Sequined Bandage Dress, $2,150, net-a-porter.com

12. Something Over The Top

Shailene often makes fashion choices that can be interpreted as just a little bit boring. Time to take one giant step out of the safe zone and try something a little bit crazy.

Nina Ricci Mesh-Appliqued Silk-Crepe Gown, $6,790, net-a-porter.com

13. A Hat

Every chic, on-the-go girl needs a good hat. And if anyone can pull one off, it's Shailene.

Straw Fedora Hat With Skinny Band, $28.23, asos.com

14. Leather

What's more badass than eating clay and foraging for your own herbs? Leather, that's what (faux leather works, too, of course).

ACNE Studios Mape Leather Biker Jacket, $1,600, net-a-porter.com

15. High-Waisted Pants

Because when I think hippie, plant-foraging young Hollywood "it" girl, I think cool pants.

Alice + Olivia Arthur Ankle Pants, $255, nordstrom.com