The #1 Pet Peeve On A First Date Is...

Because something tells me that you’ve yet to mark it on your calendar, October 9 through 15 is National Pet Peeve Week. (It’s also Earth Science Week, but that one doesn’t really pertain to us at the moment.) But since it is a week in which we get to air our grievances — at least I think that’s what we’re supposed to do — in regard to our pet peeves, Match saw this as a great opportunity to set the record straight on the biggest pet peeves on first dates.

Digging through their 2016 Singles in America survey, where they interviewed 5,500 single men and women U.S. women around their dating habits and preferences, they found that we all have pet peeves and major turn-offs when it comes to dating. I, for one, will cut ties immediately with anyone who can’t take the time to type out “you” in a text, because come the eff on, people! "U" is not a damn word!

Wondering if your first date behavior might be annoying your date? Here are the biggest pet peeves for first dates, according to both men and women, because neither men nor women want you to try to impress them.

1. Checking Your Phone Too Much

In a world where we’re all pretty much in serious relationships with our phones, it can be really hard to put it away and focus. In fact, a lot of us just don’t put it away, even on a date, choosing to keep it on the table. Because of this, checking your phone too frequently is the top pet peeve for 70 percent of men and 73 percent of women. I realize your phone is your BFF, but something tells me your world won’t fall apart if you don’t check it for an hour. Although, I’m not making any promises on that.

2. Women Don’t Need To Be Impressed

For women, the second biggest pet peeve, at 41 percent, is when their date tries to impress them. Sure, it’s a first date so you want to try to make a great first impression, but if you have no chill, women can see right through it. To be honest, there’s nothing wrong with playing the modesty card — in moderation, of course.

3. Men Would Like Women To Talk More

The second biggest pet peeve for guys is when their date talks too little. According to the survey, 29 percent of men this find this behavior to be a turn-off. However, it should be noted that it takes two people to make a conversation and maybe if someone is talking too little, it’s because the person with whom they’re conversing needs to work on their conversational skills. Just a thought.

4. Over A Third Of Women Don’t Care About Your Finances

You’re rich? Great! I’ll make you a medal! Although I’m unsure why anyone would discuss their finances on a first date, unless of course they’re bragging about the “huge” and "bigly" amount of money they have a la Donald Trump, the survey found that for 34 percent of women this is the biggest pet peeve. Seriously; leave the financial talk for when you’re deciding on moving in together — or at least the second date, if you’re so gung-ho on discussing your financial standing in the world.

5. Men Don’t Want To Be Impressed Either

Although more women than men put “trying too hard to impress,” as their top pet peeve, guys also aren’t into such first date behavior. For 28 percent of men, trying too hard to impress them is totally a mood-killer and major turn-off. In other words, be yourself — you’re impressive enough as it is.

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