UD Full Spectrum Palette Is A Beauty Lover's Dream

If you haven’t seen the latest palette from Urban Decay, then go ahead and cancel your plans for the day. Because you’ve got to make up for lost time. Besides, once you see all of the colors this eyeshadow palette has to offer, you won’t be able to focus on anything else, anyways. Is Urban Decay’s Full Spectrum Palette limited edition? This is just the kind of information that will convince you to make a purchase. As if these vibrant shades didn’t already have you sold.

This incredible unicorn of a product is oh-so special because it contains 21 bold pigments, 18 of which were created specifically for the Full Spectrum Palette. So, you literally won’t find these colors anywhere else. The range includes bold yellows, greens, blues and purples in a mix of matte, metallic and shimmering shades. Getting your hands on this is basically like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

According to a video launched by the brand, the palette is limited edition. This status makes it all the more covetable, and trust me, it’s not everyday that a palette like this comes around. Be sure to snatch it up while you can! According to Marie Claire, it’ll be available to shop at Sephora starting Oct. 26.

This is just the kind of thing your beauty routine's been missing.

Because you've never seen boldness like this before.

Just imagine all of the looks you could create with these shadows on-hand.

The powders have got all the pigment and shimmer you could ever ask for.

The wide color selection is truly unbelievable.

It's got everything from the brightest brights to the whitest whites. So, let's just say these shades are sure to get you noticed.

Check out this video to learn all about the inspiration behind this palette, and get even more excited to shop it as soon as it's available.

Images: screengrab/YouTube (3); YouTube (1)