You Can Get Sex Advice From An Expert Right At Your Door Today With A Tweet

If you’re in New York City today, you might stumble upon a luxury four poster bed being pulled by a bicycle rickshaw through the streets of Manhattan. That bed is named “Pillow Talk” and it’s the carriage of sexpert Jenny Block, who has teemed up with the sex toy brand Hot Octopuss to create the “world’s first mobile sexpert service.” Yup, you read that right — it’s the Uber of sex advice.

According to research done by Hot Octopuss in 2015, 69 percent of people are “underwhelmed, unhappy, or bored with their sex lives” and 78 percent of people don’t feel comfortable talking to their partners about what they want they want to do in bed. To combat those incredibly depressing statistics (more than three quarters of us can’t talk to our partners about sex!) and also to take some of the stigma out of sex and masturbation, Hot Octopuss conceived Pillow Talk.

“We still don't talk about sex as freely and openly as we should,” Block tells Bustle. “A great sex life is all about great communication; we have to talk to our partners. We also desperately need a culture of sex positivity where we can talk about all things sex without any sense of shame. This event with Hot Octopuss is such a cool way to get the word out that great sex is all about having good clean fun!”

New Yorkers can either order Block and the bed carriage straight to their apartment by tweeting to @HotOctopuss with the hashtag #PillowTalk or anyone can hail her in the street and hop on board for some spur of the moment sex advice. Block hopes that the stunt will get people talking more openly about sex and, ultimately, having better sex. “Sex can be a difficult subject to talk about for some people, but it needn't be,” she says. “The more open we are about questions and issues, the more we break down barriers and the better sex lives and relationships we'll ultimately enjoy.”

And people are already going for it! Here’s one couple whose passionate kiss suggests Block’s advice hit the spot:

And here’s Beverly, one of the first Pillow Talk satisfied customers.

Into it? Tweet @HotOctopuss with the hashtag #PillowTalk or keep your eyes peeled in Manhattan all day today.

Images: Hot Octopuss