'WAGS Miami's Metisha Is Standing Up For Herself

The series WAGS Miami follows a group of women in, where else, Miami as they try to become successful businesswomen while also dating highly powerful athletes in one of America's most sports-centered cities. Within the cast, there was already a little tension in the season premiere, with stars Claudia Sampedro and Metisha Schaefer clashing over the different perceptions of what it's like to be single versus in a committed relationship. WAGS Miami star Metisha spoke to Bustle in order to give her perspective on the Claudia drama, tease a little bit of what's to come later in the season, and share how she was treated differently when she was the resident single girl as opposed to now, when she's in a new relationship.

That premiere fight made Metisha look a little sensitive, and she's the first admit that she's tired of having to apologize for things that aren't her fault. "You know, [I was] really really disappointed, because at the end of the day, Claudia’s hands are not clean," Metisha says. "Her hands are really dirty, and only because she’s in a relationship, and got wifed up she just thinks that she has the right to talk sh*t behind my back on top of it." Being in a serious relationship is important to the social circle on WAGS Miami, according to Metisha. "You can definitely feel that there’s a hierarchy. And the thing is, I was up there myself, and I know how I was looking at the single girls at the time, you know?"

"If you’re the single one, most of the time it looks like you’re looking for an athlete, or you’re chasing them, versus you’re actually in a relationship," she explains. "They just don’t realize that we don’t chase the athletes, they chase us." She also shares that she's dating someone new (and anonymous) now, and admits that if there was a second season, she'd probably be a little higher on that hierarchy — though "you don’t get into a relationship because you want to be in a different position on the hierarchy, you just follow your heart."

In the end, Metisha explains, it's all about respect. She gets along with the women who are respectful to her and don't look down on her for being single or fear that she's going to "steal" their boyfriends.

As for the rest of WAGS Miami Season 1, Metisha promises that there's lots of drama ahead between the cast. She explains that after the pilot, "it gets a little better, but then it gets a little worse. Once you mess up something, it’s just harder to recover from and I just learned once somebody shows you who they are, believe them." Something winds up fracturing the cast, and Metisha shares that she's currently on good terms with Hencha (her "best friend"), Ashley, and Darnell, while the other three remain in their own separate clique, according to Metisha. Will the cast be able to repair their issues by the end of the season? She's hopeful, but she's also not making any promises. "We have a trip coming up, so I don’t know, trips either make you or break you." One thing Metisha can promise, though, is that WAGS Miami isn't fake. "We are very real, and everything that’s happening, any drama, anything, is 100 percent real."

Images: E! Entertainment