Where Sarah Ramos Sees Her ‘Parenthood’ Character, Haddie Braverman, Today

Like myself, my fellow Parenthood fans probably wonder on a daily basis about the beloved Braverman family and where the characters are in 2016. Well, if you'd like to know where Haddie Braverman is today, look no further. While chatting with Bustle about her new short film Fluffy, Sarah Ramos reveals her hopes for Haddie Braverman, which is basically the same thing as knowing exactly what her character is doing today.

When Parenthood unfortunately ended in 2015 after six seasons, the last time fans saw Haddie she was at Cornell University and happily dating Lauren (Tavi Gevinson). If Ramos had her way, Haddie would now be putting her education to good use and would still be madly in love with her girlfriend. "I would like to see, hopefully, Haddie and Lauren, who is played by Tavi, that they are still together." Lauren was first introduced in the Season 5 finale, "The Pontiac," in which both Haddie's family and fans learned she was in a same-sex relationship. As nervous and worried as Haddie was about telling everyone, the Bravermans were of course loving and accepting.

In addition to Haddie and Lauren basically living happily ever after, Ramos has big dreams for Haddie's career. "Hopefully Haddie's working at Bustle, basically some other cool magazine and working her way up as a high-power media mogul." I have a feeling Bustle would welcome Haddie with open arms, but maybe I'm a bit biased. Whatever the case, there's no doubt Haddie would currently be a huge success, because that who she was during her time on Parenthood.

Will Haddie's whereabouts ever be featured on television? If there's a Parenthood reunion, then, yeah, there's a good chance. Guess what? Ramos is absolutely down for a some type of revival. "My thoughts are that would be awesome and I would definitely be interested in being a part of it," Ramos reveals. "We [the cast] are all super positive about Parenthood and I’m just as curious as you are as to what is going on."

In August, Parenthood creator Jason Katims told TVLine the chances of that happening are promising. So, Haddie's future may finally be told onscreen, unlike it was during the series finale. Now let's just hope Ramos' hopes and dreams for Haddie really do come true.

Images: NBC; hannahorvath/Tumblr