What Do ColourPop’s Ultra Glitter Eyeshadows Look Like On Different Skin Tones? These Shades Really Pop

ColourPop is bringing some major fun to the beauty game. I mean, their latest products are packed full of sparkle and bold colors, so really, what could be better? What do ColourPop’s Ultra Glitter Eyeshadows look like on different skin tones? These shadows are sure to get you glittery AF in no time. What I'm saying is, you should scoop these up, no matter your complexion. Because seriously, these look bomb on anyone and everyone.

If you’re looking to add a little extra glam factor to your beauty arsenal, then these shades are definitely the way to go. There are five different options, and each one is packed full of glitter. The swatches pop on a variety of skin tones, so you’re sure to wow with these swept across your lids.

Sailor, Arrow, Farside, Cusp and Dance Party are each very unique. There’s no harm in adding all of these to your collection because with distinct colors like these, there’s no way your look would ever get repetitive. The range includes a shimmering gold, bright green, dark purple and more. Like I said, there’s a little bit of everything in this line-up. Check out these swatches and prepare to fall in love with these shades just in time for their Oct. 6 launch date.

See what I mean? This glitter is for everyone.

According to the brand's Snapchat, it was the purple Dance Party shade that inspired the entire collection.

There's no denying these colors.

Bold beauty looks, here you come!

These stunning shades glisten in the sunlight.

And they look amazing on a variety of skin tones.

Change the lighting, and those babies still sparkle.

For all of the glitter and bold pigment you can handle, shop these shades as soon as they go live on the ColourPop website.

Images: colourpopcosmetics/Instagram (1); ColourPopCo/Snapchat (6)