Lindsay Lohan Still Sees Sober Coach, Is Her OWN Show Not Proving Anything?

You guys, Lindsay Lohan is trying to give us the true story of her life with her OWN show, so why are people still hating and making up rumors? Lindsay Lohan still sees her sober coach according to Lindsay Lohan. The reason she has to make this clear is because Lindsay Lohan fired her sober coach according to websites aka not Lindsay Lohan aka not on her show aka NOT TRUE. Come on, people. Haven't we all realized that television shows are the sole source of the world's truths?

Radar Online reported Wednesday that Lohan fired her sober coach, Michael Cormier, after filming for Lindsay wrapped up. A source told Radar, "It was important for Lindsay to show the world while she was filming the reality show for OWN that she was sober. Having Michael there gave her a lot of credibility and support when she needed it." The source claimed that Lohan no longer needed Cormier once the show ended. "As soon as the cameras were packed up, Lindsay gave Michael the pink slip, and he hasn’t heard from her since."

Lohan took to Twitter, as one does, on Thursday to shoot down these rumors. Lohan wrote, "Haven't seen Michael since filming? Then who is this guy I JUST saw 2 days ago? Sort ya life @radar_online," along with a link to an Instagram picture showing Lohan and Cormier hanging out. Or, sober coaching it up, rather.

Bam! Take that, internet! When you mess with Lindsay Lohan, you get the... tweet and photo clearing up the entire situation. It might not have much of a ring to it, but it proves she's not messing around.

Image: Lindsay Lohan/ Instagram