Matt Czuchry Reveals His Fav 'Gilmore Girls' BF

by Emily Lackey

The moment is here. The moment we Gilmore Girls fans have been waiting 16 years to witness. And, no, I’m not talking about the show’s 16th birthday, which they celebrated with some of the most adorable Gilmore Girls birthday wishes on Instagram stories. And, I’m also not talking about the upcoming premiere of the four new Gilmore Girls episodes on Netflix either. No, I’m talking about Matt Czuchry (aka Logan from Gilmore Girls) finally coming down one way or the other and saying exactly what team he is on. Is he Team Jess? Is he Team Dean? Or is he, more obviously, Team Logan? In a move that should shock absolutely no one, Matt Czuchry announced he's Team Logan in a video posted to the Gilmore Girls’ Instagram story.

Even though Czuchry didn't say it out loud in the video, the clip clearly featured him wishing the show a very happy 16th birthday and then reaching for a cup that is outside of the frame. When he brought it to his lips, viewers could see the big reveal. The cup reads, in words as big as can be, “Team Logan.”

Some declarations don’t require any words, and Czuchry’s message about what team he is on — in giant letters that are as clear as day — didn't.

As much as fans could have guessed who Czuchry would want Rory to be with, I think I secretly was holding out hope that even he could see past the romance his character had to offer and recognize that all three options all just a little imperfect when it comes to being the right one for Rory.

Or maybe that’s just my own bias. Personally, I’m on Team Independence, because I think Rory is too good for all of the men that she has dated on Gilmore Girls. Still, it’s not a huge surprise to find out that Czuchry wants Logan to win out in the end. We’ll all just have to tune in on November 25 when the new episodes premiere on Netflix to see if things really go his way.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures