Scott Patterson Served Coffee On Luke's Diner Day

by Emily Lackey

The day coffee lovers around the world have been waiting for is finally here. On Wednesday, the world celebrated Luke’s Diner Day in various locations with more enthusiasm for caffeine than anyone has seen in a while. It’s been nine years since Gilmore Girls went off the air in 2007, and since then fans have retreated to their DVD sets and streaming devices to relive the glory days of this incredible show. But, in light of the new Gilmore Girls episodes coming to Netflix on Nov. 25 and the 16th birthday of the premiere of Gilmore Girls , fans and cast members alike came together to celebrate this momentous day. And, trust me, watching the cast members step into their old roles and celebrate it right alongside fans is may be the best part of all this. Proof: this video of Scott Patterson serving coffee on Luke’s Diner Day right alongside the other baristas. This video and some of the pictures from the celebrations will have you so excited for the Gilmore Girls revival.

I mean, look. It’s like no time has passed at all as Patterson steps behind the coffee bar and reaches for a cup of coffee to hand one of the eager fans on the other side of the counter. It’s like seeing him back at Luke’s actual diner, serving up necessary cups of caffeine to those Gilmore girls who never could seem to get enough. And seeing Patterson back in action behind the counter is getting me all kinds of pumped for the four new episodes to premiere on Netflix.

Don’t even get me started on what seeing all of those fans lined up around the block in some places to participate in the big day is doing to me. They dressed up, they paid their respects, and they waited to get a taste of this Stars Hollow staple like the devotees that they always have been. Even the baristas got in on the fun in some locations, donning Luke-like backwards hats and the requisite flannel shirts.

Just like everything that has to do with Gilmore Girls, it really is the fans that make all the difference. And, during Luke’s Diner Day, the fans celebrated hard, taking the time out of their busy lives to stop in at one of the various Luke’s Diner pop-up shops around the country and get their free cup of coffee.

Between Scott Patterson helping out and all the fans who participated, it’s a wonderful reminder of just how much better the world is with Gilmore Girls in it.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures