Where Is ‘The Bachelor’ Traveling For Nick's Season? This Photo Spoiler From Mike Fleiss Hints At A Watery Spot

Every time a new season of the Bachelor franchise starts filming, the questions start mounting in my mind. Questions like what will The Bachelor contestants be like this season, and will they fall in love, and where will the lucky cast be jetting off to? Pretty much as soon as the new season airs, the answers to these questions all become quickly apparent, but it’s still exciting, in these early stages of filming, to imagine what the new season of The Bachelor will look like. When Mike Fleiss posted a picture of where The Bachelor is filming this season, I was pretty excited. I mean, the photo might give an idea of where The Bachelor is traveling to this season, but, then again, it might just be one big attempt to toy with our spoiler-loving emotions.

Because when I say that this new picture might gives fans an idea of where the show is filming, I was using that term loosely. The picture really could be of any beach in any location, from the looks of it. If I were a botanist and could detect the native life forms lining the sand, I might stand a better chance of figuring it out, but right now I’ll leave it up to fans on Twitter to give it their best shot to guess where The Bachelor is filming this season.

Some guesses that are already rolling in are playing on the fact that the weather looks rather gloomy and that the trees in some spots look bare. Does that mean a cold-weather location? With the weather looking not-so-nice in this shot, some fans guessed “Milwaukee,” somewhere on “Lake Michigan,” a couple states in the Pacific Northwest, and just “Canada” in general.

As much as I might want to agree with them that this spot is somewhere far from tropical, I think it’s important to remember that Hurricane Matthew is currently wreaking havoc on many tropical spots in the Atlantic Ocean. So while this picture might look like doom and gloom, it could actually be a really lovely spot being decimated by the storm for the time being.

Here’s hoping wherever the cast ends up — whether it’s a cold weather spot or in the middle of a storm — that they stay safe, and that they let the heat of all that love keep them warm.

Image: ABC