Miguel & Wale's Cover of "Bennie and the Jets" Will Put You in a Summertime Mood — LISTEN

Oh, the sounds of summer have heard our cries. Death to winter! Long live the sun! Be gone, ye winds of snow and frost! For here, we have been blessed with an unexpected, yet utterly flawless, cover of Elton John's "Bennie and the Jets" by Miguel and Wale. Doo-wop inspired nostalgia just may be the soundtrack to the summer, especially after last night's barbershop stylings of Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon. After about 15 seconds into the track, not only will you be completely hooked and unable to take the song off repeat, you'll be daydreaming of sand, waves, flip flops, and all things frozen and blended with extra lime.

The cover is as dreamy and breezy as it is polished and totally luxurious. The sound and feel of it are everything Justin Timberlake and Jay Z's "Suit and Tie" did last summer, except this is actually better. Much, much better. It will also probably inspire plenty of us to thumb through our parent's vinyl collection or peruse a yard sale for a few more Elton John gems and classics to tide us over until Memorial Day.

Until then, throw a spring break party in your living room, don a wild Miguel-inspired 'do, turn up the volume, and love every second of Miguel and Wale taking on "Bennie and the Jets."