What's In The Barbour x Atlantic-Pacific 'Timeless Originals' Collection? Fashionistas Will Fawn Over These Coats

If you're familiar with fashion blogger Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific, you know that she is all about mixing classic, refined looks with a dash of unique edge. If you've long been a fan of the fashionista's personal style, you can now easily incorporate it into your own closet. Eadie has teamed up with Barbour for a capsule collection, and you're totally going to want it all. So, what's in the new Babour x Blair Eadie "Timeless Originals" Line? Prepare to have your fall wardrobe sorted.

The brand partnered with the blogger to create three signature looks that are perfect for this "in-between" season, where it's not icy cold just yet, but it's not blistering hot either. The first style, called "Snow Bedale", is comprised of a thin black wax cotton material, so it's practically made for those brisk fall days. It features a fluffy faux fur collar that you can snap on and off as you wish, and tons of pockets. The second look, "Rain Mac," is a military-inspired raincoat with an olive green hue, brown corduroy accents, and gold hardware — rainwear has never looked so chic. Finally, there's "Cropped Border," which is basically just a shorter version of the Mac raincoat.

Feast your eyes on these gorgeous styles.

1. Snow Bedale

Barbour Snow Bedale Faux Fur Collar Puffer Jacket, $499, bloomingdales.com

The detachable faux fur collar makes this look super versatile.

2. Cropped Border

Border Cropped Mac Coat, $429, bloomingdales.com

I'm totally digging this olive green and brown combination.

3. Rain Mac

Rain Mac Long Coat, $499, bloomingdales.com

The extended length of this silhouette makes this my personal favorite.

The Timeless Originals collection is currently available for purchase on Bloomingdales.com

Images: Barbour (3); Bloomingdales (3)