How You Can Help "Make Periods Great Again"

Before you permanently rename your vagina your "wherever" per Donald Trump's aggressively sexist comments about periods, consider joining the fight with "Make Periods Great Again" to use his comments for #good rather than evil. Turning Trump's campaign on itself, LOLA, the popular tampon subscription box service, has created this far more period-friendly campaign, and stamped their clever catchphrase on adorable hats and super breathable tank tops. The best part, though? The proceeds of all of the merch will go to Support The Girls to provide low-income women with feminine products and bras. A win for wherevers all over the land!

If you aren't hip to LOLA's mission, there's even more good news — the subscription offers 100% organic, cotton tampons, an alternative to other brands that don't disclose what materials are used in them. The last thing you want to shove into your precious wherevers is a mystery wad, am I right? The service also allows women to personalize their subscription boxes with a variety of tampons each month. It is the lazy, environmentally-conscious, supper savvy woman's dream come true.

So what inspired the company to take this leap into the political sphere in the midst of what is arguably the most insane election yet?

"Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increased amount of media attention on the topic of menstruation. There’s a movement to repeal the tampon tax across the U.S. (some successful, some less so), there’s been discussion around providing free menstrual products in schools... and yet, despite a shift in cultural conversations, in practice, people still think of periods as something that needs to be hidden," wrote co-founder Jordana Kier in an e-mail to Bustle. "Women are hiding tampons up their sleeve on the walk to the office bathroom. They’re using terms like 'time of the month' to describe their period. When you think about it, 50% of the population has had a period (or will at some point). Menstruation shouldn’t be a topic that is shameful or stigmatized. In some ancient cultures, menstruating women were revered as powerful (in ancient Rome, a woman on her period was thought to be able to scare away hailstorms and lightning!). We figured it was about time to Make Periods Great Again."

As anyone woman with a period knows, that stigma is real AF. And while there are plenty of us out there fighting the good fight on normalizing menstruation, it is infinite kinds of ridiculous that in 2016 we are enduring period censorship, rampant and internalized sexism re: menstruation, and feeling the need to apologize for their entirely natural, biological existence. So yes, campaigns like Make Periods Great Again aren't just necessary for a much-needed laugh during this emotionally taxing election cycle — they're hella necessary for shedding light on the period stigma that often prevents women from getting access to the quality of materials and care that they deserve.

The campaign is also putting an incredibly necessary spotlight on Support The Girls, which now supports over 65 shelters in 37 cities nationwide. Too often women in poor economic situations are forced to prioritize other basic needs over purchasing feminine hygiene products, but that's just the thing — feminine hygiene products are a basic need, and women's access to them is vital.

"We’re really excited that we’ve had the chance to partner with such a great charity and help provide feminine hygiene products to homeless women across the United States — a cause we can all really get behind, regardless of political party," wrote Kier to Bustle about LOLA's partnership with Support The Girls.

So what can you do to pitch in and help Make Periods Great Again? Head to their shop and help rep the cause by buying a hat or a t-shirt, or give a direct donation to Support The Girls — and be sure to spread the word using #MakePeriodsGreatAgain on your social media! Then you can wear your swag and you and your wherever can help the cause wherever you go.

Images: Bustle