Ginny Proves Herself To The Team In 'Pitch' By Getting Into A Beanball War

Ginny might have done a solid for her team with her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel on last week's Pitch, but that doesn't mean they've accepted her into the fold. Ginny was still trying hard to be accepted as one of the guys on the team in Pitch 's "Beanball," and this week she had a new strategy: get involved in a team rivalry. Ginny proved herself to the team in Pitch by getting into a beanball war with a rival team, and it worked.

While Al fought to keep his job as General Manager on Pitch , Ginny went against her agent's advice and Mike Lawson's orders by keeping up with the beanball war. A beanball war in baseball happens when a pitcher purposefully hits the player at bat on the opposite team, and then the team reciprocates, and so on. So, when Ginny came face-to-face with the Mountain, the pitcher that injured Tommy Miller (the pitcher she was called up to replace) by hitting him with a pitch, she decided to follow through on the tradition. She knows that Mike and everyone else expects her to let it go because she's a girl and she doesn't want to be the one injured next, but she does it anyways. If she were a man, she later tells Mike, he would never tell her to stay out of the beanball war.


Despite Mike and Amelia's attempts to keep her from going at bat — where she would be guaranteed to be hit — Ginny steps out onto the field, only to find that the pitcher is afraid of hitting her. Frustrated with being treated with kid gloves, Ginny steps out onto the field to confront the pitcher, as well as the catcher (who happens to be her ex boyfriend). Before she can really start something, however, Tommy, the pitcher who was least welcoming to Ginny at the beginning, runs out on the field and a fight breaks out. The two end up starting a team-wide brawl and are thrown out of the game.

Getting thrown out might not have been Ginny's ideal outcome, but it succeeded in bonding her with Tommy, who invited her out to drinks with the team after the game. We'll see how long this budding friendship lasts.

Images: Ray Mickshaw/FOX; Giphy