Can You Use A Beautyblender To Apply Blush? Here's What A Makeup Artist Has To Say

Considering how much we all love our Beautyblenders, it make sense that we want to use them for every single one of our makeup needs. Applying foundation? Check. Blending contour? Check. Touching up concealer? Check. And now, as it turns out, you can use your Beautyblender to apply blush, too.

It's no wonder makeup artists swear by these little miracle sponges — they can literally do anything.

In order to properly apply blush with a Beautyblender, you'll need to practice certain techniques and, most importantly, care. First and foremost, start with a clean sponge. Not only are dirty sponges ripe with bacteria (seriously, ew.), but if the sponge already has foundation on it it will end up mixing with your blush, essentially rubbing it off in the process of putting it on.

"For both powder and cream blushes, you want to lightly pat the blender into your product and then stipple onto the cheeks in a light pressing/dragging motion, taking care that you diffuse and spread the pigment evenly and that the edges are soft and seamless," says makeup artist Jenny Patinkin. "Alternately, creams can be applied directly to the cheeks and then blended with the sponge."

In both cases, it works best if the blender is slightly damp since a dry sponge can grip against the skin and not give as smooth an application, says Patinkin. She advises using the narrow side of the Beautyblender because it has less surface area and gives you more control over where the product goes on your cheeks. This way, you can keep the larger area of the sponge clean and use it to blend or remove any excess product.

BlingRing Beautyblender Original, $29, BeautyBlender

While brushes may still be the more straightforward choice, here are three gorgeous blushes you can try out your Beautyblenders on.

1. Nyx Cosmetics Cream Blush

NYX Cosmetics Cream Blush, $6, Amazon

This creamy blush goes on smooth and provides even, long lasting color.

2. Milani Rose Powder Blush

Milani Rose Powder Blush, $11, Amazon

Milani's natural, shimmery shades, which range from deep brown to hot pink, are meant to compliment any complexion.

3. Clinique Chubby Stick

Clinique Chubby Stick, $23, Sephora

Use a Beautyblender to smooth this shade onto your cheeks for an even finish that you probably wouldn't be able to achieve from the chubby stick on its own.

Images: BeautyBlender/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands