Racy Photos From Ginny's Past Might Go Public On 'Pitch'

Just when Ginny was starting to fit in with the team, an ex boyfriend came and shook things up on Pitch 's "Beanball." Ginny's ex Trevor Davis, a catcher for the Padres' rival team, made a reappearance in her life years after she broke her rule to never date a fellow player. As the only girl in the minor league, Ginny decided never to date a player. She wanted to be seen as a teammate, not a potential girlfriend or hook up. And, while she stays firm on that rule with the Padres, she has strayed before, with Trevor Davis. And now, her past has come back to haunt her. Racy photos form Ginny's past might go public on Pitch , and her past with Trevor could come to light.

Trevor and Ginny's love affair was told in flashbacks this week while Ginny proved herself to the team by participating in a beanbag war on the field. In the flashbacks, we saw how Trevor persuaded Ginny to break her no-player rule with his charm and his promise that, in a few months, he'd be leaving the minors to go to college. Their relationship is going well, and Ginny is so smitten that she relents when Trevor asks her to attend one of his final minor league games as his girlfriend. And that's when he announces he's joining the majors as a catcher! So much for taking their relationship public when he leaves the minors.


After her breakup, Ginny's teammates found out about her relationship with Trevor and it wasn't pretty. (One of them even jokingly said that they should hook up so that he could make it to the majors like Trevor.) Needless to say, when they reunite after the beanball war, it's not a happy occasion. Trevor apologized, but then he dropped the bomb: he's been hacked. His private files, including the very private photos Ginny sent him when they were dating, could be compromised. Assuming they're nude photos, will they go public on Pitch? It seems likely. Ginny is the most famous girl in the world, and whoever hacked Trevor is likely sitting on a goldmine.

Compromising photos of Ginny hitting the press could have some severe consequences, not just in the eyes of the media and public opinion, but also in the locker room. It's hard to be considered one of the guys when those kind of private photos are made public. It's also tough to hold on to your reputation as a role model for young girls if nude photos leak. It might not be fair, but it's true. The exact nature of these photos are unclear, so let's hope for Ginny's sake that they're not as racy as I'm imagining they are.

Images: Ray Mickshaw/FOX; Giphy